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Thousands of free engineered prompts are great, you can be getting even better results...

ChatGPT powered by AIPRM makes it so you don’t have to be a professional marketer or writer. You can just focus on your business and let AI do the heavy lifting for your marketing with:
  • checkmark1-Click Verified Prompts
  • checkmarkCustom Tone & Writing Styles
  • checkmarkOrganize Prompts in Lists
  • checkmarkAccess to the Prompt Community.

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Chrome Extension for ChatGPT

You could be doing more to take your time back.
Unlock your own personal marketing agency with these features.

Live Crawling

  • Outrank your competitor’s recent post
  • Analyze writing styles
  • Summarize content quickly

It’s one thing to just generate content...

…it’s another to access real-time data.

ChatGPT has only been trained up to 2021, so there’s a bit of a knowledge gap. With AIPRM, you bypass this and receive quality, accurate results with our live crawling prompts. 

Elevate the quality of your content output with the latest insights.

Prompts can be a great starting point...

…but it can be difficult to use the same prompt for multiple situations. This can lead to you spending more time editing your prompt than getting things done. Variables can solve this problem.



  • Add specificity to your prompts
  • Reuse your prompts for multiple projects
  • Get creative and detailed

Private Prompts

  • Create your own custom prompts.
  • Store them in a list, only accessible to you.

Instead of trying to remember or locate the prompt you used last time...

you can use private prompts.

Make it easy to access without worrying that everyone on the platform can use it. 

Prompts specific to your needs, stored in their own list to quickly locate.

Are you really saving time...

…if you have to rewrite the content into your brand’s tone?

AIPRM helps you skip the rewrite by letting you add your brand’s tone and writing style into your profile.


Tone & Writing Style

  • Get better results in your voice and style.
  • Keep producing more without losing momentum focusing on edits and rewrites. 

Verified Prompts

  • Prompt templates are actively maintained
  • Close collaboration between AIPRM’s engineers and our prompt authors
  • Tested in multiple inputs and styles
  • Considered “production-level templates”

Even though they’re helpful...

using prompts that haven’t been updated or spam links or ads can be limiting and distracting.

This is why you should leverage AIPRM’s premium prompts for even more value. 

Reviewed and maintained by AIPRM, these are production level quality.

Stop wasting time searching...

…or trying to remember the prompts you used last time. Keep your prompts organized and easy to access.

AIPRM’s premium plans allows you to create different types of lists that you can privately store within your account. 


Private Lists

  • Favorites : make it simple to store the prompts you use often for faster production.
  • Custom: Label and organize your prompts based on the type of work you’re trying to accomplish. This can be things like sales, marketing, copywriting, etc.

Prompt Forking

  • Clone public prompts into private prompts to customize them.
  • Use the creator’s framework and let it accomplish what you have in mind without affecting the original prompt.

Prompts are supposed to work for you...

…not the other way around.

Rather than trying to figure out how to get the results you want from scratch, you can use prompt forking.

Don't start from scratch building prompts, use the framework others have created.

Similar to prompting ChatGPT...

…to continue an unfinished statement.

AIPRM’s premium features give you the ability to create other power prompts based on your preferences. You can create prompts that:


Power Continue

  • Clarify
  • Rewrite
  • Summarize

Community GPT

  • Quickly select or add your own customized GPT 
  • Effortlessly apply AIPRM’s prompts to various GPTs

Expand your custom responses by...

…browsing through our Community Marketplace full of customized GPTs.

AIPRM’s curated libraries of popular custom GPTs allows you to get to work faster with better results.

With access to all of your favorite AIPRM prompts regardless of the GPT.

121k+ Prompt Engineers

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AIPRM Prompt Community.
We have tons of new prompts in development

and being published every day from our community of prompt engineers. Our community forum is also a great place to go to collaborate, ask questions, offer ideas, and more.

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