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Our tutorials help you on every step towards AI prompt managmenent excellence with AIPRM.


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Quick Start Guide

New to AIPRM? Begin here. Read the overview and you’ll know how to generate your first AI content with AIPRM in a couple of minutes. If you’re new to ChatGPT, read our easy to follow guides. They show you how to sign up for a free ChatGPT account and install the AIPRM extensions for Chrome or Edge browsers.

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Get the Basics

Your AI content creation journey starts here. After a quick tour of the AIPRM dashboard, you learn how to configure key settings that can add a wow factor to your ChatGPT generated content.

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Example Use Cases

Learn how to get things done with AIPRM by following our example use cases.

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Create Prompts

Learn how to create and edit Prompts using AIPRM Prompt Wizard and advanced Prompt creation tool. Including how to use Prompt Variables to customize your prompts.

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Get Premium tools

AIPRM Premium tools offer extended features and higher allowances. Learn how you can use them to boost your productivity.

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