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When it comes to AI, you do have a choice: endless AI options with AIPRM Cockpit or limited ChatGPT.

AIPRM is an amazing tool that enhances ChatGPT. But it's only ChatGPT, and we've discovered its limitations. The next wave in AI content generation is here and it's called AIPRM Cockpit.

Head to Head

While ChatGPT is a powerful AI model, it has its limitations. Both functional and legal aspects cause users NOT want to use ChatGPT for their AI requests. AIPRM has the solution. Cockpit.

Save time and effort with access to thousands of prebuilt prompt templates, something you won’t get with ChatGPT. Plus, our team collaboration features allow you to curate and share the very best, customized prompts with your employees. Opt for AIPRM and take control of your generative AI capabilities like never before.

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Why Use AIPRM Cockpit

ChatGPT is impressive, yet it has its constraints. Functional and legal limitations? They're a thing of the past with AIPRM Cockpit™. With AIPRM Cockpit, you're not just using AI; you're mastering it.

Accurate Response

When left to its own devices ChatGPT can provide inaccurate answers forcing you to fact check everything or simplify your requests.

AIPRM’s collection of prompts have been engineered to respond accurately to your requests, regardless of the topic’s complexity.

Open Access

While ChatGPT can create various content formats, the responses tend to be cold and static which forces you to have to rewrite whatever it produces.

With AIPRM’s live crawling prompts you can do things like outrank your competitor’s recent post, analyze writing styles, summarize content quickly and more.

Over 2 Million Users Love AIPRM For Chat GPT’s Prompt Library

Words from Our Satisfied Users

Empowering, AIPRM Suits All Needs

The free version is still just as useful. Each paid tier lets you get more features depending on what you need to do on a daily basis. Thanks for an awesome free and paid tool for us all.

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It is fantastic

I started using AIPRM to help me write blog posts and to create video scripts. It is fantastic how it organizes all the information I need in the exact format I want.

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Jun Takakura

Independent Herbalife Distributor at Herbalife

It saved me a lot of time

My Name is Khubchand Kushwah, and I am a Digital Marketer and also a Web Developer, When I found the tutorial in YouTube, first time I feel it is time consuming but after I decided to try this platform, it saved my time, This is an evolution in the field of Computer Science, ChatGPT comes with the amazing features. I would like to work with ChatGPT and OpenAI.

user name display picture

Khubchand Kushwah

Wordpress and Youtube SEO manager at The Earther

AIPRM Features

Along with AIPRM’s high-quality engineered prompts, using our products also gives you access to:

Content Creation Features

Power Continue

Boost ChatGPT with AIPRM’s Power Continue!

Elevate your AI experience. AIPRM’s Power Continue pushes ChatGPT to complete tasks and enhance responses.
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Power Continue

Custom Profiles

Create a biography for you and your company that can be automatically applied to any Prompt you use. Prime ChatGPT with critical information without having to copy and paste it every time.
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Custom Profiles

Live Crawling

Precise Web Crawl for Your Prompts

Live Crawling is a feature that allows you to crawl an exact URL for content and use it in your prompt as text or HTML source. This feature is useful for content marketers, SEOs, developers and writers who want to analyze a precise location, not just something that is found randomly in Bing.
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Live Crawling

AIPRM Everywhere

Highlight content anywhere on the internet and submit it into your ChatGPT Prompt seamlessly. Start a prompt right from your browser bar.
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AIPRM Everywhere

AIPRM Omnibox

Create a new ChatGPT Prompt with a few clicks right from your browser bar, with the AIPRM Omnibox feature.
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AIPRM Omnibox

Prompt Creation Features

Prompt Variables

Maximize Versatility with AIPRM’s Customizable Variables!

Transform your AI prompts from static to dynamic with AIPRM’s Variable feature – a feature designed to adapt to diverse situations and use cases with ease.

With Variables, you can add personalized text inputs or select from a range of predefined options.

The moment you input your values, AIPRM seamlessly integrates them into your prompt. So, when you send your AI request, it’s not just any prompt – it’s your prompt, perfectly attuned to your unique requirements.
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Prompt Variables

Prompt Forking

Forking a Prompt: Your Path to Customized AI Solutions

This AIPRM Elite feature is a game-changer for small and big businesses alike. It lets you take any public prompt, make your own copy, and tweak it to fit your specific needs, all while keeping the original prompt unchanged.

Think of it as customizing a recipe for your taste without altering the master cookbook. With AIPRM’s extensive library of prompts, you can effortlessly adapt solutions for marketing, sales, operations, productivity, and customer support.
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Prompt Forking

Prompt Management Features

Private Prompts for You and Your Team

Create your own prompts and organize them for continuous use. Make it easy to access and reuse, for yourself and your team.
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Private Prompts for You and Your Team


Assign user licenses to Team Members and share access to your selected Prompts and Prompt Lists with a group of users. Prompt Management at an organizational level has never been easier. Maintain consistency in how your team uses generative Al for content.
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Prompt Lists for You and Your Team

Tired of the endless search for that perfect prompt? Struggling to recall the winning combination you used last time? Say goodbye to these frustrations with AIPRM’s premium plan.
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Prompt Lists for You and Your Team

Over 2 Million Users Love AIPRM For Chat GPT’s Prompt Library

Words from Our Satisfied Users

AI-powered AIPRM revolutionizes marketing, saving time and money effectively

"AIPRM for ChatGPT: A marketer's dream saving time, money, and offering a near-perfect collaboration. Thanks for this fabulous tool”

user name display picture
Amelia Sanz Duran
Socio Director at First Step Consultores, SL

It is not possible to imagine doing what I do today without AIPRM

"Just when we think we've reached the limit of a tool's evolution, something fantastic, innovative comes along that makes everything seem so simple. This is AIPRM working together with you to give you the opportunity to compete at the highest levels of competition.”

user name display picture
Adauto Lemos
CEO & Founder at ÍNTEGRA Educação e Negócios

AIPRM has helped me create content for social media

"As the owner of a Mobile Notary company, I have enjoyed working with AI over the past several months. In my business, it is extremely important to create content for social media and AI has helped me work through writer’s block, and also expanded my ability to be creative in writing.
Thanks AIPRM :)”

user name display picture
Bernice Williams
Owner at B. Williams Mobile Notary

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