Private Prompts for You and Your Team

Create your own prompts and organize them for continuous use. Make it easy to access and reuse, for yourself and your team.
  • Create your own custom prompts.
  • Store them in a list, only accessible to you.
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Watch how easy it is to make your prompts available to your teams>

Watch how easy it is to make your prompts available to your teams #


What Our Users Say

AIPRM: Essential for Small Business Writing, Slashing Time and Elevating Content Quality

"AIPRM is an indispensable tool for small business if any writing is involved such as for blogs, distributed email weekly messages, business plans, strategies, or grant writing. It has reduced my writing time by approx 80%- for me now, it's more about tuning what AIPRM writes than concocting an article from scratch. Learn how to ask the right questions, learn key prompts, learn how to dialogue with AIRM..”

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Neil Reid
Principal at Grants For You

AIPRM Simplicity is Incredible

"I am an advertising writer and work at a Full Service agency. Our CEO spoke about the AIPRM, and downloaded the extension on my notebook. The simplicity of searching is incredible. Without this tool, I would need much more time to produce my work.”

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Cristiane Araújo
Member of the Management Team at BR-ME

Awesome and well worth it. I suggest giving it a spin

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Salvatore Giacalone
IT Business Intelligence Lead at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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