Prompt Forking

Forking a Prompt: Your Path to Customized AI Solutions

This AIPRM Elite feature is a game-changer for small and big businesses alike. It lets you take any public prompt, make your own copy, and tweak it to fit your specific needs, all while keeping the original prompt unchanged.

Think of it as customizing a recipe for your taste without altering the master cookbook. With AIPRM’s extensive library of prompts, you can effortlessly adapt solutions for marketing, sales, operations, productivity, and customer support.
  • Clone public prompts into private prompts to customize them
  • Create your own prompts from another prompt's template
  • Save time and effort by reusing existing prompts
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What Our Customers Say

Incredibly Useful Toolkit

"I would highly recommend the AIPRM browser extension to anyone looking for an AI prompt toolkit for various topics. It has been incredibly useful to me, and I am sure it will be helpful to others as well.”

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Tamara Kiewiet
Strategic Content Specialist at Rocket Marketing

A Must Have Tool

"If you are in the need to create content for emails or websites. This is a must have tool. You can do content outlines, get optimized articles in minutes. I have been able to take prompts from other users, finetune them to my needs and safe them. It speeds up about 70% of the work that I am doing. Thanks guys!”

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Boris Bauer
Digital Marketing Consultant at bauer/DIGITAL

Superpowers for ChatGPT

"Amazing superpowers for ChatGPT =)”

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Marcio Toledo
Designer and Shopify Expert at Click2it Digital

Some of Our Customers

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