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It’s so easy even your elderly neighbor can use it.

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Supercharge Planning & Creating

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Get more done in less time as you create a marketing strategy with 1-click prompts for... 👇


Quickly gain audience insights


The perfect tag to grab attention

In-store signage

Let us brainstorm ideas for you

Social media

Creating captions and hashtags easily


Get guidance on how to get your content seen

Press releases

Reduce time drafting and publish faster

The Average Business owner Spends
100 Hours a month on Marketing.
Use AIPRM to Stop Being Average.

Time is your most precious asset.

You know your business better than anyone, but all
those other annoying business things?
They’re a time suck. ChatGPT can help you create
content, but AIPRM can do it in your voice, quickly
and creatively.

100 Hours Wasted


That's over four full days you could have spent with your family.


1-Click Templates


Take on planning, templates, messaging, and more with ease.


Play to Your Strengths
Let Us Help With the Rest.

If you’ve ever used ChatGPT, you know it can be
tricky to get the output you’re looking for. Don’t
break your brain trying to craft the perfect
prompt, use our 1-click templates.
All you need is to bring the idea.

  • As far as you know, your competitors could already be leveraging ChatGPT for their marketing efforts.
  • AIPRM has turned ChatGPT into a resource anyone can use regardless of their technical skills

The Other Folks
Don’t Make Tools
for Small Businesses

Don’t be constrained by AI tools...

…that make you pay per word or generate unusable
content. Where’s the value in that? AIPRM has cost
effective plans AND creates content that provides

  • Other resources lack the quality needed and limit your capabilities.
  • ChatGPT has no limitations. You’re not paying by the word for low quality.



It shouldn't take hours to figure out how to use it.




Spend less time working and more time enjoying life.


Less Work Means
More Time for Family

Tasks that took days, now take minutes.

The hours spent making sales plans, writing outreach emails, and more have accumulated to missed family ocassions that you can never get back. AIPRM's prompts were created with you in mind. Let's help you be present for those upcoming priceless moments.

Save time by
standing on the shoulders of
prompt engineering giants

No coding necessary

You don’t need a background in engineering to use ChatGPT anymore. You just need AIPRM. We’ve taken the time to experiment, all you need to do is pick the prompt and click.

Difficult to Understand


Stop spending hours figuring out what prompts work.


Download our free Chrome Extension today to get your time back 👉

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You are four steps away from solving your content problem.

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Right now, AIPRM only works for Chromium based browsers like Chrome and Brave.



Select from curated prompts

Search and filter through a list of prompts created by the AIPRM team and our prompt engineering community.

Yes, you can create your own and clone prompts from our community to edit and store for your own use.Yes, you can create your own and clone prompts from our community to edit and store for your own use.



Create valuable content in seconds

Fill in the details of the prompts and generate better content directly inside of ChatGPT.

Use AIPRM’s prompts to create marketing, sales, and customer support collateral for your small business. Really, you can use it create anything.



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Level the playing field with your competitors

Don't be the only one missing out.

Over a million users are generating content using prompts from AIPRM. Some of them might be your competitors. Don’t let them have an unfair advantage.

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Over a million users
love AIPRM for ChatGPT’s prompt library

With new users everyday we continue to create prompts that gets results and gives our community their back.