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The Ultimate Time Saver for ChatGPT

1-Click Prompts in ChatGPT for SEO, Marketing, Copywriting, productivity, and more.

The AIPRM extension adds easy to use list of curated prompt templates for ChatGPT curated for you by a community of prompt engineering experts.

Don't miss out on this productivity boost! Use it now for FREE.

Prompt Engineering Community

Experts Prompt Engineers publish their best prompts, for you right away.

Exposure for AI Prompt Experts

Experts that publish their prompts get rewarded with exposure and direct click-thrus to their websites.

Prompt Toolkit

AIPRM is your AI Prompt Toolkit. Everything you need to prompt for generative AI tools including ChatGPT.


AIPRM covers many different topics like SEO, Sales, Customer Support, Marketing Strategy, Authoring Books or Playing Guitar.

Productivity Hacks

Different activities like Research, Content Writing, Conversion Copywriting, Keyword Classification, Link Building, Customer Support get a productivity boost with AIPRM.

Immediate Results

Don't waste any more time struggling to come up with the perfect prompts - let the AIPRM ChatGPT Prompts extension do the work for you!.


Does AIPRM use the WIFI in my house?
·11 mins
Launch Christoph C. Cemper Release
Some people have been asking us questions about how to use AIPRM and the internet, and we’re happy to help. We also like to hear from people about new ideas they have to make AIPRM even better, and we talk about those ideas with everyone in our special online group.
Introducing AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT
·16 mins
Launch Christoph C. Cemper Release
AIPRM is launching AIPRM Premium for early adopters with new features like multiple prompts, custom writing styles, and more. These plans will soon be available to all users, but there’s no pressure for current free users to switch.
How to Generate Midjourney prompts with ChatGPT using AIPRM
·6 mins
Midjourney Christoph C. Cemper Generative AI
Generate Midjourney prompts with ChatGPT using AIPRM is so amazingly easy and helps you run thru dozens of ideas in minutes. This is a quick walk-through of how to do it.

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Prompts for ChatGPT

With just one click, you can access a curated selection of ChatGPT prompts specifically designed for Marketers, SEOs, Sales, Customer Support, Copywriting and more.

These prompts will help you optimize your website and boost its ranking on search engines, research new product strategies and excel in sales and support for your SaaS.

AIPRM is the AI Prompt Manager you have always wanted.

Developed by the team of LinkResearchTools and URLinspector this software comes from experienced SEOs and SaaS software developers and operators you can trust.

We're just getting started... 🚀