Empowering creativity and productivity by elevating the quality of generative AI.

The Organization

At AIPRM, our mission is to enable users to get more out of platforms like ChatGPT with our engineered prompts.

We provide individuals and businesses with the resources they need to do more in less time.

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Meet the Founder

Christoph C. Cemper

The visionary behind AIPRM, understands the challenges faced by small businesses and is passionate about providing innovative solutions. Driven by his desire to get the best results from resources like ChatGPT, Christoph developed AIPRM as a unique solution. He envisioned a platform that offers exceptional value through key differentiators.

A quick manifesto from our Founder

Hi. I’m Christoph, CEO of AIPRM.

We embrace Humility and Passion.>

We embrace Humility and Passion. #

Our drive stems from unyielding passion, determination, and a keen sense of urgency.

We fuel Inspiration.>

We fuel Inspiration. #

We believe deeply in our mission, sparking inspiration in ourselves and others.

We impact through Unity.>

We impact through Unity. #

Every team member significantly shapes our collective dream, visible in our daily endeavors.

We lead by Example.>

We lead by Example. #

Inspiration flows from our actions, conversations, and positive team dynamics.

We deliver WOWs.>

We deliver WOWs. #

Meet Our Team

Christoph C. Cemper display picture

Christoph C. Cemper


AIPRM is my daily companion for every task at hand, be it software development, quality assurance, customer support or marketing. My most favorite prompts are very specific privately-adapted ones, and not shared (yet). But here are some that I like a lot:

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Tibor Blaho

Software Development

Using ChatGPT without AIPRM is like having a phone without apps. I can’t think of going back. My favorite prompts are:

Marian Gablovsky display picture

Marian Gablovsky

Software Development

With AIPRM I can get answers without thinking about full recipe. I can also easily create my own prompts and collect of prompts from other users. My favorite prompts are:

What Makes AIPRM Different

The visionary behind AIPRM, understands the challenges faced by small businesses and is passionate about providing innovative solutions.

AIPRM Everywhere

Highlight content anywhere on the internet and submit it into your ChatGPT Prompt seamlessly. Start a prompt right from your browser bar.

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AIPRM Omnibox

Create a new ChatGPT Prompt with a few clicks right from your browser bar, with the AIPRM Omnibox feature.

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Assign user licenses to Team Members and share access to your selected Prompts and Prompt Lists with a group of users. Prompt Management at an organizational level has never been easier. Maintain consistency in how your team uses generative Al for content.

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AIPRM Verified Prompts

For AIPRM Pro users and above, the path to AI mastery just got clearer. AIPRM Verified Prompts is a small premium collection that’s more than just a list, it’s your gateway to unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Every prompt in this elite selection undergoes rigorous review, maintenance, and approval by AIPRM’s expert team. Why settle for trial and error when you can access the best, most optimized prompts out there?

AIPRM Verified Prompts are not just prompts – they’re your assurance of quality and performance, tailor-made to elevate your AI interactions.

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Custom GPT Community Prompts

Browse all Custom GPTs and manage prompts for each GPT. AIPRM’s Custom GPT integration lets you to take your Custom GPT usage to a new level.

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Custom Profiles

Create a biography for you and your company that can be automatically applied to any Prompt you use. Prime ChatGPT with critical information without having to copy and paste it every time.

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High Quality AI Prompt Library

Access a vast repository of over 4000 expertly crafted prompts, each heavily used, reviewed and approved by our dedicated AI community. These prompts are specifically designed to generate high-impact content, ensuring that your efforts resonate effectively with your intended audience. This resource saves you both time and effort, streamlining your content creation process.

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Live Crawling

Precise Web Crawl for Your Prompts

Live Crawling is a feature that allows you to crawl an exact URL for content and use it in your prompt as text or HTML source. This feature is useful for content marketers, SEOs, developers and writers who want to analyze a precise location, not just something that is found randomly in Bing.

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Model Tagging and Filtering

AI Model Updates = AI Prompt Drift, and AIPRM is here to help.

Prompt drift isn’t just a myth – it’s a reality that can derail your AI projects. Ever faced the annoyance of a prompt crafted for GPT-4 underperforming on GPT-3.5 Turbo? We get it, and we’ve got the solution.

AIPRM is your key to model-specific and GPT-specific prompts.

No more guesswork. No more time wasted. Just the right prompts for the right models, every time.

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Power Continue

Boost ChatGPT with AIPRM’s Power Continue!

Elevate your AI experience. AIPRM’s Power Continue pushes ChatGPT to complete tasks and enhance responses.

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Private Prompts for You and Your Team

Create your own prompts and organize them for continuous use. Make it easy to access and reuse, for yourself and your team.

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Prompt Forking

Forking a Prompt: Your Path to Customized AI Solutions

This AIPRM Elite feature is a game-changer for small and big businesses alike. It lets you take any public prompt, make your own copy, and tweak it to fit your specific needs, all while keeping the original prompt unchanged.

Think of it as customizing a recipe for your taste without altering the master cookbook. With AIPRM’s extensive library of prompts, you can effortlessly adapt solutions for marketing, sales, operations, productivity, and customer support.

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Prompt Lists for You and Your Team

Tired of the endless search for that perfect prompt? Struggling to recall the winning combination you used last time? Say goodbye to these frustrations with AIPRM’s premium plan.

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Prompt Variables

Maximize Versatility with AIPRM’s Customizable Variables!

Transform your AI prompts from static to dynamic with AIPRM’s Variable feature – a feature designed to adapt to diverse situations and use cases with ease.

With Variables, you can add personalized text inputs or select from a range of predefined options.

The moment you input your values, AIPRM seamlessly integrates them into your prompt. So, when you send your AI request, it’s not just any prompt – it’s your prompt, perfectly attuned to your unique requirements.

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Your Style and Tone for Your Brand

You can effortlessly experiment with diverse writing styles and tones, ensuring your content reflects your brand identity and engages their audience effectively.

You can even add your brand’s tone and writing style to your personal profile, a different one for each project, brand or client.

This versatility ensures that your content not only aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity but also captivates your audience with every word. Unlock the power to engage effectively and distinctively.

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Empowering Small Businesses

At AIPRM, we are committed to empowering small businesses and individuals.

AI Tools to Grow

Access to our engineered prompts and robust features are designed to be affordable, reliable, and versatile. We level the playing field, enabling small businesses to compete and thrive in the digital landscape.

Explore our plans and features today to see what works for your specific needs.

Explore our plans and features today to see what works for your specific needs.