NEW: AIPRM Cockpit
Everything you ever dreamt of.

ChatGPT is fantastic, but it’s not without its limits. There are functional and legal boundaries that might deter you from harnessing its full potential. But, don’t worry, AIPRM has got you covered with AIPRM Cockpit™.

Experience true freedom in AI request handling with AIPRM Cockpit.

Here’s what you get:

  • Versatility: Choose from a vast array of models. We’ve rigorously tested dozens to ensure you get the best. You can even configure and use your own models with AIPRM Cockpit.

  • Efficiency: Thousands of prebuilt prompt templates await. These are the ones you’ve grown to love and rely on in your journey with AIPRM for ChatGPT.

  • Collaborate and Excel: Bring your team into the fold. With our collaboration features, share and curate top-tier, customized prompts. Elevate your entire team’s AI game.

Ready to revolutionize your AI interactions?

Dive into the world of AIPRM Cockpit.

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Get ready for AIPRM Cockpit - launching soon.>

Get ready for AIPRM Cockpit - launching soon. #

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AIPRM Cockpit Feature Teaser 1 #

AIPRM Cockpit Feature Teaser 2>

AIPRM Cockpit Feature Teaser 2 #

AIPRM Cockpit Feature Teaser 3>

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What Our Customers Say

Turbocharged my workflow!

"The quick prompts saved me a whole bunch of time. I upgraded today before the increase because I need this in my life, you would to if knew the time it could save you.”

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Neal Brown
Employment Specialist at Bromley & Greenwich IPS

AIPRM is helpful, always updated and provides excellent assistance

"I learned about AIPRM when I was searching for something to improve chatGPT. AIPRM is ready to use, always updated, it has support and we will be able to add our own prompts.”

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Mehran Mahouti
Director of Performance Marketing at Arpanu Clinic


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Jarda Majer
WordPress Developer at NAPADLO

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