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Unleash the Power of ChatGPT with AIPRM

Don't let your budget limit your brilliance. With AIPRM, we've got a plan for every pocket, ensuring that you harness the full power of our productivity tools and our growing library of thousands of prompts.

Stack multiple subscriptions to increase your private prompt and list capacity.


Increase your productivity with our AIPRM Plus feature-set.


This includes:

  • Community Prompts
  • Favorites List (up to 8 prompts)
  • 10 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue
  • Tone & Writing Style
  • Hide 8 Prompt Templates
  • 1 Custom List (up to 8 prompts)


Take your workflow to a new level.


This includes:

  • AIPRM Verified Prompts
  • Favorites List (up to 16 prompts)
  • 40 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue + 3 Custom
  • Tone & Writing Style + 3 Custom
  • Hide 16 Prompt Templates
  • 3 Custom Lists (up to 16 prompts each)
  • 2 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • AIPRM Everywhere
  • NEW: 4 Custom Profiles ⭐


Access even MORE custom features.


This Includes:

  • AIPRM Verified Prompts
  • Favorites List (up to 48 prompts)
  • 120 Private Prompt Templates
  • Power Continue + 10 Custom
  • Tone & Writing Style + 10 Custom
  • Hide 48 Prompt Templates
  • 12 Custom Lists (up to 48 prompts each)
  • 3 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • View Prompt Source ⭐
  • Fork Public Prompt to Private ⭐
  • Live Crawling URLs⭐
  • NEW: 16 Custom Profiles ⭐
  • NEW: 10 Co-Authors ⭐
  • NEW: Team Admin ⭐


Become a member of an exclusive and small circle. Enjoy huge allowances and more access to the AIPRM team.


This Includes:

  • 20x the Limits of AIPRM Pro
  • 4 Public Prompts Upcoming
  • Exclusive AIPRM Titan Group Membership
  • All features and benefits first
  • Custom Upgrades possible
  • New: 5 Team Admins


New: For Teams and Businesses, we now also have Business Plans.


Have a question about our pricing or plan features?
If you can’t find an answer here, don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you need higher limits for your AIPRM account, there are a few options available. You can purchase a plan multiple times or combine different plans to achieve the desired capacity.

For example, by subscribing to AIPRM Pro twice, you can get 10 Private Lists while maintaining the same 16-item capacity per list.

It’s important to note that not all limits are created equal. The quotas for “List Items” and “Upcoming Prompts” are based on the largest number from your plans, rather than simply adding the quotas together.

However, the quotas for Private Prompt Templates and Private Lists are cumulative and can be expanded by purchasing multiple plans.

Feel free to buy as many plans as you need to meet your goals, and remember that you can cancel any plan at any time.

A 2nd example:

You want to store 46 Private Prompt Templates. Just a tad more than AIPRM Pro allows.

That’s just $38 with

40 from 1x AIPRM Pro @ $29

10 from 1x AIPRM Plus @ $9

50 total Private Prompt Templates

OR: 5x AIPRM Plus @ $9 – but without the other benefits of the 1x AIPRM Pro 🙂

At this time, AIPRM does not offer any discount coupons or rebates, nor do we have custom pricing options available. Please note that any products or services not displayed on our pricing page are not currently available for purchase.

We strive to maintain a transparent pricing structure to help you make an informed decision about our offerings. Thank you for your understanding.


Ready to take your AIPRM account to the next level and maximize your results? Upgrading to a bigger plan will give you access to a wider range of features and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Switching to a bigger plan is easy – just purchase the new plan and cancel your current one. We understand that upgrading can be a big decision, but our customer support team is here to support you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Don’t wait – take the next step towards success and upgrade to a bigger plan today. With these powerful tools at your fingertips, imagine the possibilities of what you can achieve. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish with AIPRM.

Please note: Pro-rata or partial refunds are not available.

We understand that you may want to save money by considering downgrading to a smaller plan. At AIPRM, we want to make sure that you have the plan that suits your needs and budget.

By switching to a smaller plan, you can still access the essential features that you need to reach your goals, but at a lower cost. This means that you can prioritize your spending and only pay for the features that you use.

To get started with downgrading, all you need to do is purchase the smaller plan and cancel your current one. It’s as simple as that! 

Please note: Pro-rata or partial refunds are not available.

Community Prompts are what helped make AIPRM famous. These classic prompt templates have been published and voted on by the AIPRM Community. Even though they have received feedback from the community, it’s important to note that they have not been engineered or tested by AIPRM. 

Explore the community’s popular prompts today to see how they can help your workflow.

AIPRM Verified Prompts are designed and tested by our team in collaboration with Prompt Template Authors to ensure they are of the highest quality and effectiveness. You can trust that they will work seamlessly with the AIPRM platform.

A key feature of AIPRM Verified Prompts is that they don’t contain ad links or any unwanted or irrelevant content in their output, providing you with a hassle-free experience. Additionally, they are rigorously tested with multiple inputs and styles, and actively maintained by our team.

Overall, AIPRM Verified Prompts are considered “production-level” templates, designed and tested to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The purpose of a prompt management solution like AIPRM is to make prompts reusable. If you need to adjust a prompt each time you use it, it defeats the purpose of using a prompt manager. Instead, you can put in placeholders for those adjustments so you can fill out the form with just the aspects of the prompt that need to change for the use case. Our solution for this is adding variables to the prompts. Subscribers can add up to 6 variables per prompt and up to 100 dropdown options per variable. This makes variables a quite powerful addition to the reusability of prompts.

Teams are groups of people defined by you with exclusive access to your Prompt Lists. They help businesses maintain consistency by using a selection of curated prompts that work across your business or business unit so that everyone is working from the same set of prompts. This feature is only unlimited on the Elite Plan and higher. All user types can build and/or join teams.

Team Admin:

  • Can view the Team List
  • Can add Prompts to the Team List
  • Can remove all Prompts from the Team List (their own or other Team Member Prompts)


  • Can view the Team List
  • Can add Prompts to the Team List
  • Can only remove their own Prompts from the Team List

On the Elite Plan and higher, you can assign 1 Admin and 10 Co-Authors to your team.

Don’t you wish ChatGPT remembered things about you or your business? With Custom Profiles, you can create a set of details about yourself or your business and save it to use with your AIRPM prompts. Use it to pre-train ChatGPT with your information or rules for any prompt you submit to ChatGPT.

  • Want to use the same formatting? Create a Custom Profile.
  • Want to prevent ChatGPT from using cliches in its marketing output? Custom Profile.
  • Separate bios for you and your business? Set up multiple Custom Profiles.

Get 4 Custom Profiles on the Pro Plan and 16 on the Elite Plan.

AIPRM Everywhere is a context menu that allows you to access AIPRM prompts from any website that allows the context menu. The context menu is what you see when you right click on your screen and a series of options are shown. With AIPRM Everywhere you can select copy from any page and bring it back to ChatGPT with your prompt. For more information, read the product launch announcement.

Saving Private Prompt Templates to use is a great way to organize your work in AIPRM. The number of Private Prompt Templates you can save depends on the plan you’re subscribed to. The higher the plan, the more you can store and use.

If you need more space, you can purchase a plan multiple times, or even combine different plans. In this case, the limit for Private Prompt Templates will accumulate. 

For instance, if you have both a Plus Plan and Pro Plan, you can store the sum of the number of private plans for both. This gives you the flexibility to customize your plan to your specific needs.

You can mark a Prompt Template as a favorite by clicking on the star icon. This will add the template to your “Favorites” list for easy access in the future. No more searching through all your templates – your favorites will be right at your fingertips!

In higher plans, AIPRM offers additional Private Custom Lists that you can create and name to organize your work more efficiently. These lists are similar to the “special” private lists for “Favorites” and “Hidden,” but they are exclusively yours.

For instance, in the AIPRM Pro plan, you have access to five private lists, including one for the “Favorite” feature, one for the “Hide Prompt” feature, and three for custom lists that you can use for your work.

With these custom lists, you can easily categorize your prompts by theme, project, or any other criteria that suit your needs. This way, you can stay organized and focus on the prompts that matter most to you.

All your own lists are Private Lists, including “Favorites”, “Hidden” and any other customer lists you create.

If you come across Prompt Templates that are not relevant to your work or goals, you can hide them from view with the Hide Prompt Template feature. This feature is available from the AIPRM Plus plan and up and uses one (special) Custom List to store the hidden templates.

AIPRM offers a “Power Continue” button that allows ChatGPT to continue writing from the beginning. This feature has been extended to provide additional actions, such as expanding, simplifying, or shortening the output.

If you have an AIPRM Pro plan, you can even customize the Power Continue actions to your liking.

AIPRM offers two helpful selectors that allow you to adjust the tone and writing style of your output. With the AIPRM Pro plan, you can even customize the Tone & Writing Styles to suit your needs.

An “Upcoming Prompt” is a prompt that you have published but has not yet received the minimum of 5 upvotes from other users. By default, only one prompt can be set as an “Upcoming Prompt” and you have to wait for it to gather 5 or more votes.

In higher plans, you can set more prompts to public.

Price indexation means that the subscription price you pay may increase annually, based on the terms in our billing agreement. It’s similar to how prices for other services increase over time, like your phone plan or internet plan.

The increased price will be charged from the first billing date in the new calendar year. For example, if you signed up for an annual plan on May 1, 2023, then the increased price will be charged on May 1, 2024. If you have a monthly subscription, the increased price will be charged on the first day of January 2024.

With the View Prompt Source feature, you have a convenient way to view the source of any Prompt Template in AIPRM.

The “Fork Prompt” feature lets you make a private copy of a Public Prompt someone else created.

It’s like making a photocopy of a book, so you can write notes in the margins without damaging the original. You can then edit the copied prompt without affecting the original, and keep your changes private. Think of it as creating your own version of a cool story in a book someone else wrote, without starting from scratch. It’s a helpful way to modify someone else’s work without affecting the original.

ChatGPT cannot access the internet without the help of 3rd Party Plugins. With Live Crawling URLs, AIPRM Prompts can access a specific website URL, collect the text or source code from that site, and pre-train ChatGPT before executing your prompt.

This allows you to use current content in your ChatGPT AI generation.

Note: Some websites block tools like Googlebot, SEO Tools, ChatGPT, and AIPRM from accessing the URL’s content.

You can remove the AIPRM watermark from your ChatGPT content generation by clicking on your account in the top right corner and checking the Hide AIPRM Watermark box under settings.

This feature is available on the Elite Plan and higher.

Soon, you can use any prompt from the Prompt Library with a variety of Open Source LLMs. Simply connect your account, use the dropdown in the AIPRM interface, and select the model you want to use.

Models include:

  • OpenAI
  • ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT Plugins
  • Bing
  • PaLM (Bard)
  • Anthropic (Claude)
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AIPRM only accepts payments in US Dollar currency. All prices listed on our website exclude local sales taxes, and will be added at checkout. EU reverse charge is not supported. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Additionally, all sales are final and non-refundable. However, we offer a free version of our product with unlimited testing time, so you can try before you buy. Please keep in mind that all prices are subject to price indexation as outlined in our billing agreement. AIPRM Corp. is a US-based company located in Delaware, and all services are delivered according to the terms and conditions of the billing agreement you confirm with your purchase.

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