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The best chrome extension

The best chatgpt chrome extension so far!

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Abdelhak Faris

State engineer in network and telecommunications systems at HPS

AIPRM has increased my productivity by 10x

It is an awesome tool to work with ChatGPT. I really love the extension and it increased my productivity by 10x. Thanks to AIPRM team for developing such an amazing tool and continuously adding new and new prompts. Once again thanks to the team.

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Abhishek Srivastava

Product Manager at JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

AIPRM Transforms Content Marketing: Effortless Planning, Quality Boost, and a Publishing Surge

AIPRM changed the game for us in our content marketing system. Now all employees can plan and develop great content that ranks and is valuable to clients and the company within minutes.
Now our biggest bottleneck is publishing the content we have, because there's 4x the quantity.
While the quality has only improved.

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Adam Temple

CEO at Evolved Extraction Solutions

It provided me the freedom to write

I like the AIPRM extension because it gave me freedom of writing

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Adam Yaro

Chief Executive Officer at Adam Yaro Global Nig Limited

It is not possible to imagine doing what I do today without AIPRM

Just when we think we've reached the limit of a tool's evolution, something fantastic, innovative comes along that makes everything seem so simple. This is AIPRM working together with you to give you the opportunity to compete at the highest levels of competition.

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Adauto Lemos

CEO & Founder at ÍNTEGRA Educação e Negócios

Product is Amazing

Making life easier you would think you need to spend 2 hours on something, but with AIPRM it makes your life quite easier, product is amazing.

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Aleksandar Perisic

HubSpot Web Developer at Cognigy

Boost Your SEO Game with AIPRM on ChatGPT!

If you're using ChatGPT to support your SEO-related tasks, and you're not using AIPRM prompts, you're totally missing out!

I love AIPRM!

Loving your app! Its my number one AI assistant for Chat GPT!

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Ally Cohen

Business Owner at 4aShopOnline

Amazing Extension

Amazing extension! If you are interested in AI writing or ChatGPT, this is a MUST!

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Amanda French

Founder & Head of Content at Villager Marketing

AI-powered AIPRM revolutionizes marketing, saving time and money effectively

AIPRM for ChatGPT: A marketer's dream saving time, money, and offering a near-perfect collaboration. Thanks for this fabulous tool

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Amelia Sanz Duran

Socio Director at First Step Consultores, SL

Helps a lot with Marketing

Helps me a lot with my marketing job!

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Amir Perez

Founder/Marketing Manager at Nodriza Mercadotecnia

Very Useful Tool for SEO

This is very useful tool for SEO. it's saved me lots of time and work now. I can easily manage most of the project becoz of this. Thanks for creating this amazing tool

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Ankit Shrivastava

Search Engine Optimization Executive at UV Soft Solutions

AIRPM helps to me to achieve a more focused approach and desired output when using chatGPT

When you use chatGPT, it's like casting a wide fish net.. and you catch whatever falls under the net.. when you combine chatGPT and AIPRM, you are able to zoom in and choose what fish you want to catch, a more focused approach and drill down to the output you want to achieve.

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Anton Sheker

Country Manager at Renpho

I use AIPRM in everything I do everyday

Hi, this is Barbara Williams aka Barbara Zurilgen-Loop, I am so thrilled with AIPRM it is hugely helping me! I am a published author, blog writer, website builder, entrepreneur, Miniature Schnauzer Breeder, dog trainer, Life Success coach and more....I find I use AIPRM in everything I do everyday and I too am learning so much! Thrilled to be here, thrilled to have discovered AIPRM.

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Barbara (Barbara Williams) Zurilgen

Everlasting Empowerment Expert at Self-employed

Above awesome!

This tool is above awesome.

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Barry Featheringill

Production Supervisor at Retired(MasterBrand, Inc.)

One of the things I love about AIPRM is the vast collection of Prompts that are available

I appreciate the idea of sharing exciting prompts with all community members. It follows the idea of collective learning and growth, which I do personally like a lot.

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Begoña Mallenco

Corporate Fundraising Officer at The SeaCleaners

Amazing extension!

Amazing extension, love it!

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Behram Mahamat Saleh

Software engineer at CGI

Incredible! A multitude of easy-to-use tools. Thank you so much!.

Awesome ! Lot of easy to use tools ! I can’t believe you did it ! Thank you so much !

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Bénédicte Lagardette

Co Ceo at iziquiz.io

AIPRM is the best!

Best extension ever!

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Bernd Wünsche

Finanzjournalist, Copywriter & Content Creator at Consulting Wünsche

AIPRM has helped me create content for social media

As the owner of a Mobile Notary company, I have enjoyed working with AI over the past several months. In my business, it is extremely important to create content for social media and AI has helped me work through writer’s block, and also expanded my ability to be creative in writing.
Thanks AIPRM :)

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Bernice Williams

Owner at B. Williams Mobile Notary

A Must Have Tool

If you are in the need to create content for emails or websites. This is a must have tool. You can do content outlines, get optimized articles in minutes. I have been able to take prompts from other users, finetune them to my needs and safe them. It speeds up about 70% of the work that I am doing. Thanks guys!

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Boris Bauer

Digital Marketing Consultant at bauer/DIGITAL

It's the best value money can buy on the internet right now

I just resubscribed.
I was just being a smart ass with my original message...lol
For the amount of use I get out of it every day you could charge a lot more and still get away with it.
It's the best value money can buy on the internet right now.
Add on the fact that you have great customer service and you're a definite homerun for any business.

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Bret Jenny

Chairman at Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors Blockchain Committee

AIPRM is Amazing!

AIPRM is amazing, I am so glad I discovered it and am able to utilise it in my marketing business.

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Brian Alcock

Business Growth Mentor at Core Business Mentoring

Elite Subscription:Prompted Learning at Rocket Speed!

I loves the Elite subscription that I am on, where I can view all the actual prompts. It has speed up my learning curve like a rocket!

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Calle Sjönell

Head of Facebook Creative Shop Nordics at Meta

Definitely recommended.

An excellent application to improve our work and take it to another level which I recommend 100%, thank you

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Carlos Benitez

Wealth Management Advisor, Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Very easy to use

It is an excellent tool and also very easy to use. Thank you very much for this.

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Carlos Mauricio Rojas Calvete

Head of Sales at Disanmotos

It adds so much value to my work

I am a Content Strategist and I am learning how to use AIPRM. I'm sure that It will be of great value to my work and I am very grateful for that.

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Claudio Alves Pereira

Social Media Specialist & Traffic Manager at Self-employed

AIPRM: A Cool and Reliable Companion

Just started using, crazy cool tool, very helpful when GPT is down!.

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Corey Gray

Co-Founder at Launch Agency

It has helped me a lot

It has helped me a lot, thank you very much for the tool

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Cristian Montoya

Principal Chief Executive Officer at Soluciones Digitales Global

AIPRM Simplicity is Incredible

I am an advertising writer and work at a Full Service agency. Our CEO spoke about the AIPRM, and downloaded the extension on my notebook. The simplicity of searching is incredible. Without this tool, I would need much more time to produce my work.

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Cristiane Araújo

Member of the Management Team at BR-ME

An essential tool for any task

AIPRM has become an essential tool for any task you can imagine

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Daniel Blasco

Graphic & Web Designer at Pixelatumente

Hundreds of helpful prompts will help you solve problems faster

If you really want to work efficiently with AI then there's no way around AIPRM. Hundreds of helpful prompts help you to solve problems faster - for yourself, or your clients. I'm glad to be one of the creators of a helpful prompt.

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Daniel Hirschi

Founder & Lifestyle Coach at Sana Terra Farm

It boosted chatGPT

Takes AI and really super charges it

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Daniel Jon Winters

Director at Winters Web

The best ChatGPT extension!

This is the best ChatGPT extension available. I use it constantly and have installed it on all my computers at home and work. It greatly enhances my experience of working with "the world's best co- worker." I am very grateful to the developers and the rest of the team for creating such a useful and impressive extension.

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David Dehorta

Desktop Support Technician at University of Miami

AIPRM: Unmatched Ideation Toolbox for Business Excellence!

I love this extension. I know there are competitors, but I haven't found any better than this. I use it every day, and keep finding new ways to use the prompts and appreciate the updates as they come.

AIPRM has given me a toolbox ideation tools that have opened up a whole new channel for business.

Rock on you guys

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Don Giannatti

CEO/Photographer at Don Giannatti Visual Media Strategy

The best way to make use of ChatGPT!

I think AIPRM is most likely the BEST way to make use of ChatGPT! I work in the coaching and psychotherapy market and I learned so much just by playing with AIPRM. It is so freaking amazing I feel like slapping myself everytime I use it And the fact that it allows users to create templates and prompts simply exploded it to stardom! Thank you for this amazing tool!!

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Eugen Popa

CEO & Founder at Pro Success Training

Truly a powerful tool never before seen in general

It is incredible and produces much better results than many professional companies. This tool will not be an enemy to professionals but will lead many to be much more productive and earn much more money by delivering better results in much less time.

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Everton Duque

Marketing Manager at Arts duque

With AIPRM I have saved a lot of time searching for the best prompts

I am an online coach and I am using aiprm to write my content with my frameworks. Thru Aiprm I save a lot of time searching for the best prompts. Thank you

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Faruk Günes

Online Business Coach at Primo Passo


Wow, I'm so speechless right now, even though I'm looking at it and I'm trying to learn how to use use it, haaaa, this experience is overwhelming, my God, this is terrific!

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Funmilayo Oguntimehin

Executive Director at Added Value Properties Limited

Very good!

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Gianni Marinho

Systems Analyst & Traffic Manager at sempreaberto.com

AIPRM can become the wikipedia of prompts

I love the power of collaborative human intelligence. This can become the wikipedia of prompts.

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Gustavo Pérez Tempranillo

AI researcher at Freelancer

Revolutionized Conversations: AIPRM Elevates ChatGPT's Brilliance

AIPRM has elevated ChatGPT to new heights, enhancing its language understanding and response generation capabilities. Whether delving into complex topics or enjoying casual conversation, ChatGPT's nuanced and insightful responses make it an even more indispensable tool. Kudos to the ChatGPT and AIPRM team for this remarkable advancement!.

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Haytham Fadul

Business Advisor at Freelancer

I AIPRM to write proposals and scripts

Hi, I'm Igor, from Brazil, and usualy use AIPRM to write proposals for freelance sites. I'm a professional video editor and sometimes I use to create some scripts too.

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Igor Taveira

Sales executive at Sonhagem Turismo

Can't imagine Chat GPT without it

It has became such an integral part ...Can't imagine Chat GPT without it

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Iztok Golob

Digital Marketing Manager at Ars Pharmae

Transformative AIPRM: A Must-Have for Idea Enthusiasts Using ChatGPT!.

This is the most beneficial app to install if you’re an idea guy like me who uses ChatGPT. I absolutely love it

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Jalen Nelson

Head of Demand Generation at Cloud Task

Improved quality of work it also made me significantly more efficient

I absolutely love this tool. As the owner of two distinct businesses and a sales and marketing consultant for numerous others, this tool is essential. I utilize it for approximately 10 hours a day. Not only has it improved the quality of my work, but it has also made me significantly more efficient. Achieving these results wouldn’t be possible without this extension. I already have a few favorites, and I appreciate the ongoing addition of diverse and useful prompts. I often discover a new prompt that enables me to explore an entirely new sales or marketing channel. Excellent job! Keep on prompting!!!

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James Eglin

Founder - VP of Sales and Marketing at The Online Business Agency


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Jarda Majer

WordPress Developer at NAPADLO

AIPRM: A Game-Changer, Saves Time, Boosts Opportunities

Chris thank you for this amazing tool. I am Jemma Mong a Digital Marketer and Web Designer and so fascinated with the AIPRM tool as these prompts reduces time and energy for me to try out ChatGPT. I found out through Clubhouse member, Christel Guillen. This tool has widened the opportunities I would never or slowly discovered. I thank you immensely. I have shared this with many colleagues.

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Jemma Fong

Business Owner at InSite Creations Web Design

Helped me to greatly improve my proposals

I'm Jesiel, I work with IT, I saw and discovered AIPRM on the internet, it greatly improved my texts and proposals, I really like the answers

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Jesiel Sousa

IT/AWS Specialist at Zitelecom

Phenomenal and Fantastic!!!

Phenomenal... and I am just taking the very first steps to learn and use it. Fantastic!!!

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Joao Carlos Page

Associate at City of Saskatoon

AIPRM Elevates AI to New, Unprecedented Heights

How can things get any better than Chat GPT? Then AIPRM comes along to make AI 10000x better. I'm so happy and grateful for the gift of AI. Thank you!

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Jody Royee

Owner & CEO at Meta Mark 360

AIPRM: Elevating ChatGPT's Output, Easy to Use, and Time-Saving

AIPRM is a fantastic tool. It's easy to use and significantly increases the quality of the output I get from ChatGPT. It has saved me a ton of time. I couldn't imagine trying to use ChatGPT without it.

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John Spence

Managing Partner at John Spence

Surprising and radically useful

I am surprised with this extension, it is new, surprising and radically useful

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Jorge Jiménez Calvano

Director at Eidea S.A.S

Streamlining ChatGPT with Effortless Prompt Access

This is the most useful of the ChatGPT addons I've seen yet. The prompts are easy to find and the search function is more than adequate. I love how it makes it easy to just set the tone and not have to type long explanations.

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Josh Patrick

Founder at The Sustainable Business

Revolutionized My YouTube Channel!

It is perfect, very easy to use and it is giving a lot of life to my YouTube video descriptions, it creates titles, hagstash descriptions and SEO keywords, both LongTail, MiddleTail and ShortsTails. The help you are giving me to my YouTube channel is incredible, thank you very much!!!!

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Juan Francisco

Digital Content Creator at Las Cosas del Huerto

It is a must-have

This is a MUST HAVE extension, when you are using ChatGPT

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Julio Roldós Carrera

CEO at El Canal del Marketing

It is fantastic

I started using AIPRM to help me write blog posts and to create video scripts. It is fantastic how it organizes all the information I need in the exact format I want.

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Jun Takakura

Independent Herbalife Distributor at Herbalife

I Highly Recommend it!

I really liked this plugin, it helps a lot when using ChatGPT. I highly recommend it!

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Justino Júnior

Education Technology Specialist at Prefeitura de Hortolândia

It helped me improve my scripts

I Love it! The prompts are very useful and have helped me improve my scripts! Please continue making updates.

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Karla Ball

Licensed Real Estate Broker at RE/MAX Premier

AIPRM: A Game-Changer, Learning and Loving Every Moment!

What an amazing tool! Loving using it and learning as I go. Thank you!

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Kate Nankivell

LinkedIn Trainer & Coach at Force of Nature

It saved me a lot of time

My Name is Khubchand Kushwah, and I am a Digital Marketer and also a Web Developer, When I found the tutorial in YouTube, first time I feel it is time consuming but after I decided to try this platform, it saved my time, This is an evolution in the field of Computer Science, ChatGPT comes with the amazing features. I would like to work with ChatGPT and OpenAI.

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Khubchand Kushwah

Wordpress and Youtube SEO manager at The Earther


I just started, but it seems very good work

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Konstantina Roussi

Author, Proofreader at Freelancer

Incredibly great!

This is incredibly great! Thank you for creating this extension!

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Lenka Blazekova

SEO Manager at Freelancer

It's a Game Changer for that Blank Page

AIPRM and ChatGPT have been a game changer for that blank page. The ideas it gives me help me set me in a good direction. It's been so much easier giving me time back and more space for the creative process

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Lisa Benson

Business Owner at DeBella DeBall Designs

AIPRM Unleashes Potential

A wicked cool tool that is pretty much unmatched when it comes to what a Chrome extension can do. it's going to blow your mind.

Large amount of content and very easy to use

I discovered AIPRM in a community of digital entrepreneurs and it is a great help to me in finding content on various topics for websites, social networks. For me, the best thing about AIPRM is the large amount of content it offers and the ease of use.

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Lourdes Correa Oliver

Virtual Assistant at AVbox

This is phenomenal!!!

I am an author, and content creator. This has been a life saver. I use it for research and writing and exploring new ideas. This is phenomenal!!!

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Certified Self Esteem Life Coach & Author at Spirit Brain Play

AIPRM: A Game-Changer, Revolutionizing Industries with Unmatched Precision!.

Embracing the transformative power of AIPRM, where algorithms navigate the complexities of decision-making, is like witnessing innovation unfold in real-time. In a world of endless possibilities, letting these digital minds shine is a testament to the potential for progress beyond human intuition.

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Luca Bigatton

Co founder and Project Analyst at Kanemp Industrial Hemp Consulting SL


I think this tech is revolutionary and it is going to change the world. It is awesome!

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Luis André Munoz

Adobe Experience Manager Web Content Developer at Critical Mass

Its the best!

Great ai assistant, best ever

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Madubuike Ohiaeri

Architect and an Affiliate Marketer at Phynbelle Internetbiz

AIPRM: Elevates Productivity, Empowers Automation, Maximizes Time Efficiency!

AIPRM is a great chrome extension! It has increased my productivity and helped me automate a lot of tasks which has helped me having extra time with more important activities to acomplish.

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Maloy Chakraborti

Vice President - Information Technology at Techsol

AIPRM: A Game-Changer for Digital Marketers, Boosting Efficiency and Learning

I am working as a digital marketer. It's a fantastic extension tool that helps me reduce my workload while also learning more about different strategies. This tool really helps me a lot, and I would like to recommend it to all digital marketers. I'm now spending a lot of time in this tool to learn more..

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Manigandan (John) Ganesan

Digital Marketing Specialist at ESTRRADO

AIPRM enables me to be more productive in my daily work

AIPRM helped me gather information that I don't know where to look for, ideas for content and formulate the type of writing that I prefer. Without AIPRM I would be less productive.

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Marcia Lourenço

Manager at Praticadamente

Superpowers for ChatGPT

Amazing superpowers for ChatGPT =)

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Marcio Toledo

Designer and Shopify Expert at Click2it Digital

AIPRM: Maria Ibarra Ultimate Ally for Time Management and Creative Inspiration—Highly Recommended!

I am a teacher and creator of content, courses and workshops; my name is Maria Ibarra. AIPRM has been a fantastic ally for me, recommended by Oskr León (YouTube). This complement, they have so many options to explore, as possibilities to manage time and inspiration, when sitting down to work. Undoubtedly, widely recommended, you need to continue learning, all that universe of content that is achieved with the variety of prompts. I loved him from day one!.

user name display picture

María Fernanda Ibarra

Academic Coordinator in Distance Education at Universidad Cuauhtémoc

Revolutionized My Content Writing: Highly Effective and Relevant

This makes it much easier for me to write content. Very relevant and effective.

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Marie-Claude Beaufort

Owner & Founder at JUNI Zodiaque Shop

Amazing experience

Its an amazing experience.

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Mario Lostri

Wholesale Account Manager at Telecom Argentina

I'm amazed at how much it simplifies my every day writing

I am a professor and an entrepreneur who learned about AIPRM from my brother, who has been watching videos about it. I started using it right away and am amazed at how much it simplifies my every day writing, the prompts are really revolutionizing this already amazing tool.

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Marisol Marcin

Global Studies Program Coordinator at Binghamton University

Very Helpful for Users of all Skill levels

Best part about this tool, is that it is very helpful for users of all skill levels of prompt generation and use. Even the best prompt engineers out there would find this tool useful to share their public work. You can always learn something by trying one of the many public prompts that are there. I can't wait for them to add more features. Many people use this tool every single day. Thanks, Christoph

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Mark Barrus

Director at Healthy Life Centers LLC

So helpful, inventive and beneficial

One of the most useful extensions on my browser. Has benefitted all our agency clients digital marketing footprint.

user name display picture

Matthew Flory

Business Coaching & Consulting for Freedom, Wealth, and Legacy at Functional Health Team

AIPRM is helpful, always updated and provides excellent assistance

I learned about AIPRM when I was searching for something to improve chatGPT. AIPRM is ready to use, always updated, it has support and we will be able to add our own prompts.

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Mehran Mahouti

Director of Performance Marketing at Arpanu Clinic

This extension certainly made my team 1000% more productive

Output > Any Language you wish, Tone > Any tone you wish > Style - Any style you wish. = Continue = Clarify, Exemplify, Expand, Explain, Rewrite, Shorten. If chatGPT hasn't made my team 1000% more productive this extension certainly has.
Great build!

user name display picture

Michael Conner

Founder & Owner at Standard Private Label

From Basic Subscriber to Elite: An Exceptional Resource!

Exceptional Tool! I have gone from basic subscriber to Elite and find this resource to be highly useful! As with anything else you must know how to use it. The basic prompts are great and once results are returned, knowing how to refine the initial prompt and making the result your own makes this even better. Keep it going this is a great tool!

user name display picture

Michael J. Sammut

Owner at Four Eyes Productions

AIPRM is a vital part of our workflow

We are using AIPRM to rebuild our Blackfishdistillery.com online presence quickly went from a curiosity to a vital part of our workflow. Having a research assistant like AIPRM to out line ideas really cured the staring at a blank page problem!

user name display picture

Mike Gifford

Chief Executive Officer at Blackfish Spirits Distillery

Versatile, incredibly intuitive and user-friendly

I recently had the pleasure of using an outstanding AI-powered solution called AIPRM and I must say that my experience exceeded all expectations

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Mike Kirshtein

Co-owner at Audax Group

Ultimate Time-Saving Daily Essential

A great and very valuable tool that everyone should have access to for daily life, saving hours every day of my workload.

user name display picture

Moe Nawaz

Business Development Director at Duke Brothers Ltd

AIPRM: A User's Perspective - Unlocking Clarity and Efficiency in Script Creation

My name is Moisés Munguia. I heard first time about AIPRM in a Youtube channel. At first, It was not so clear how It works, but after a couple of hours, became very easy. AIPRM has helped me in use the correct tool or prompt to do the correct script. My recomendation is that in a near future, will be a lot of prompting creators and I'm affraid, this could become and endless option to find wht you need. Anyways. All my support to you guys..!! Regards...!!

user name display picture

Moises Munguia

Material's Manager at Poliuretanos Summa Woodbridge

Helps me save a lot of time

Many time wasted writing prompts. This extension save that. I love it. For SEO it's great!

user name display picture

Moises Otero Fajardo

Founder & CEO at MidPointFX

Its a true game changer

I love the tool. Its a true game changer, it makes daily tasks easier, faster, more efficient and it is
so good in giving ideas, inspirations. ChatGPT is like a great consultant next to you whenever you

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user name display picture

Muhtar Faruk Akosman

Head of Marketing Communications at DHL

AIPRM Prompts: Truly Heaven on Earth!

Honestly speaking, I am convinced that the AIPRM prompts are heaven on earth.

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user name display picture

Nasser Berjaoui

Professor 'C' and Writer
Sociolinguistics ('secret languages')
Departmentof English Studies
Faculty of Languages, Letters, and Arts at Ibn Tofail University

Turbocharged my workflow!

The quick prompts saved me a whole bunch of time. I upgraded today before the increase because I need this in my life, you would to if knew the time it could save you.

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Neal Brown

Employment Specialist at Bromley & Greenwich IPS

AIPRM: Essential for Small Business Writing, Slashing Time and Elevating Content Quality

AIPRM is an indispensable tool for small business if any writing is involved such as for blogs, distributed email weekly messages, business plans, strategies, or grant writing. It has reduced my writing time by approx 80%- for me now, it's more about tuning what AIPRM writes than concocting an article from scratch. Learn how to ask the right questions, learn key prompts, learn how to dialogue with AIRM..

user name display picture

Neil Reid

Principal at Grants For You

Very helpful tool!

Very helpful tool! I highly recommend becoming a member of the AIPRM community to learn more about using ChatGPT. AIPRM is a community of Prompt Engineers that created the prompts used in this tool.
You can add your own prompts for private or public use.

user name display picture

Nico Zwaneveld

Delivery Manager / Contract Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

Excellent value for money!

I have been using the AIPRM browser extension for a few days now, after previously working with an expensive AI Writer and a couple of other AppSumo purchased ones.
The most significant benefits of AIPRM is the availability of prompts. This feature has greatly helped me as a valuable addition to my writing process.

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Nigel Rawlins

Owner at Wisepreneurs

The user interface is excellent.

I am a consultant for banks on climate finance issues. I discovered this tool very long ago. I use it a lot to compare my ideas with those of others through chatGPT. The interface of AIPRM is very good for asking questions or requesting a summary of texts.

user name display picture

Olivier Claude Pierard

Senior Consultant at GFA Consulting, Green Finance Expert

Effortlessly Creating New Ideas with AIPRM

It is very easy to develop new ideas with AIPRM Extension! Thanks!

user name display picture

Oscar Pires Junior

Owner at Brasix Empreendimentos Digitais

AIPRM's 1-Click Prompts Are Incredible!

I'm totally amazed with the 1 click prompts that saves me a lot of effort and valuable time. I highly recommend it to all the Chatgpt users.

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Utilizing ChatGPT: Faster, Better Prompt Management

A game changer that makes Chat GPT way more usable and helps to build better prompts faster and manage your prompts. Love it

user name display picture

Peter Rochel

Strategic Management Consultant at UTXO Solutions

So helpful and inventive

The prompts are second to none and the ones I have used so far work better than expected.

user name display picture

Sadie Mae Smiley

Co-Founder, Coach & Content Creator at The Women of AI

Awesome and well worth it. I suggest giving it a spin

user name display picture

Salvatore Giacalone

IT Business Intelligence Lead at Thermo Fisher Scientific

It's a time-saving gem

I'm absolutely thrilled to share my experience with AIPRM (Artificial Intelligence Powered Review Management)! As an avid user of ChatGPT, I can confidently say that AIPRM has been an absolute game-changer and the ultimate time saver in my workflow.
AIPRM has truly revolutionized the way I manage and review content.

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Efficient, Time-Saving Tool

I highly recommend AIPRM for anyone looking to save time and improve their content creation process.

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Sebastian Mealer

Digital Marketing Strategist at Grow Your Chiro Practice

AIRPM: Time saver with incredible content for free, No need for other extension.

AIRPM is an absolute time saver. The amount of content you get- even for a free user - is immense. I'm pretty sure I will not need any other extension beside this. Thanks

user name display picture

Sonam Lama

Strategist at Marching Ants

AIPRM helped us a lot in producing outstanding texts

I do love the AIPRM ChatGPT Extension as per today it really helps a lot in automating workflows an help us achieve exceptional texts. Thanks a lot for all the work - keep it up!

user name display picture

Stephen Grad

Head of Marketing & Communications + Podcast Host at Exciting Tech

It has ChatGPT prompts for nearly anything you can imagine

I am a serial entrepreneur specializing in SMTP infrastructure, AKA Email Marketing Software and services. I was told about AIPRM by a colleague. This is an amazing extension! It has ChatGPT prompts for nearly anything you can imagine with new ones being added all of the time.

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Steve Haase

Founder & CEO at SMTP Depot

My life got better with AIPRM

Email rainmaker working on getting more clients to my unique service offering. And using ChatGPT has made my life so much easier, but do you know what; my life got even better with AIPRM. Use it to leverage the power of ChatGPT even more.

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Stuart Fung

SAP EDI Consultant at Kelloggs

Made my life easier

It has made my life easier; now I intend to add my prompts so others may also benefit from it

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Syed Abdul Rafey Qadri

Coach & CEO at Taaseer 360 Solutions

Incredibly Useful Toolkit

I would highly recommend the AIPRM browser extension to anyone looking for an AI prompt toolkit for various topics. It has been incredibly useful to me, and I am sure it will be helpful to others as well.

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Tamara Kiewiet

Strategic Content Specialist at Rocket Marketing

The service is informative, helpful, and available for free users

I recently started using the AIPRM browser extension for my digital marketing needs, and I have to say, I am impressed with the variety of prompt templates that are available. There are different creators out there who have created great prompts that fit into my digital marketing lifestyle, and I appreciate the effort that has gone into curating them.

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Terassah Thompson

Sales & Marketing Specialist at All Web LLC

Empowering, AIPRM Suits All Needs

The free version is still just as useful. Each paid tier lets you get more features depending on what you need to do on a daily basis. Thanks for an awesome free and paid tool for us all.

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Absolute Time Saver!

IT'S POWERFUL!!! AIPRM is an absolute time saver. The amount of content you get, even for a free user, is immense. Thank you for your efforts in keeping it active and with immense resources

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Vivian Francos

Digital Marketer at SEOHashtag Marketing

AIPRM: A Time-Saving Miracle for PhD Research Writing!

As a PhD researcher, I am surprised to say that I can not express my emotions in front of the screen. I am simply blown away by the 90% of the time it saves for me. I wrote one article in 3 months, but using Chatgpt + AIPRM I can write more than 10 research articles in the same period.
I can devour my spare time with family and social circle for sure. it's A Miracle, I wish this Al was developed in early 2015 so it would have saved me a lot of time to complete my Doctorate.

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Dr. Waheed Ullah

Ph.D. in Business Management/Photographer at ProWaheed


I was delighted with AIPRM. I work in the real estate market and use the prompts to generate ads, property descriptions and positions. Fantastic.

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Wellington Leal

Director at Corretor Leal Negócios Imobiliários

Effortless Content Creation

I love using this ChatGPT/AIPRM because it simplifies my life by decreasing the amount of brainstorming time and preparation time for a social media post, blog article, or youtube script.

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Yuliya Weingarten

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Coldwell Banker Realty