Live Crawling

Precise Web Crawl for Your Prompts

Live Crawling is a feature that allows you to crawl an exact URL for content and use it in your prompt as text or HTML source. This feature is useful for content marketers, SEOs, developers and writers who want to analyze a precise location, not just something that is found randomly in Bing.
  • Crawl any specific URL
  • Use the content as text or HTML in your prompt
  • Summarize content quickly
  • Use exact web address content as input for your prompt
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How to use Live Crawling Prompts>

How to use Live Crawling Prompts #

Learn how to use Live Crawling in AIPRM to get the exact content you need for your prompt.

Example: TLDR this URL - Crawl, extract, summarize>

Example: TLDR this URL - Crawl, extract, summarize #

One very popular Live Crawling Prompt we also use every day for our own marketing is the Prompt TLDR this URL - Crawl, extract, summarize which allows you to extract the content from a URL and summarize it in a few sentences.

Features of the TLDR Live Crawling Prompt>

Features of the TLDR Live Crawling Prompt #

  • Crawls a URL for information
  • Extracts facts from the content
  • Summarizes the text effectively
  • Presents facts with emoji bullets

Benefits #

  • Saves time by condensing information into easy-to-read points
  • Enhances understanding by providing key details in a summarized format
  • Facilitates quick grasp of complex content
  • Enables efficient content consumption with emoji bullet points

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How to create own Live Crawling Prompts>

How to create own Live Crawling Prompts #

Learn how to create your own Live Crawling prompts in AIPRM to fine-tune the live crawling prompts for your needs and get consistent results.

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