Custom GPT Community Prompts

Browse all Custom GPTs and manage prompts for each GPT. AIPRM’s Custom GPT integration lets you to take your Custom GPT usage to a new level.
  • Create Custom Prompts specific to a Custom GPT
  • Quickly find relevant Custom GPTs
  • Trust millions of users voting on the best GPTs
  • Effortlessly apply all AIPRM’s prompts to any Custom GPT
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OpenAI Store GPTs are too generic for you?>

OpenAI Store GPTs are too generic for you? #

Learn how to add Custom Prompts to Custom GPTs>

Learn how to add Custom Prompts to Custom GPTs #

Frequently Asked Questions>

Frequently Asked Questions #

When can I add custom prompts to custom GPTs?

This feature is live already for all AIPRM users.

Will I be able to use custom GPTs from the OpenAI store for this?

Yes, we think so.

How can I keep my custom prompts for GPTs only to me and my team?

No problem, just use the AIPRM team features we have like

  • Team Lists
  • Team Prompts
  • Private Prompts

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So helpful, inventive and beneficial

"One of the most useful extensions on my browser. Has benefitted all our agency clients digital marketing footprint.”

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Matthew Flory
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AIPRM: Unmatched Ideation Toolbox for Business Excellence!

"I love this extension. I know there are competitors, but I haven't found any better than this. I use it every day, and keep finding new ways to use the prompts and appreciate the updates as they come.

AIPRM has given me a toolbox ideation tools that have opened up a whole new channel for business.

Rock on you guys”

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Don Giannatti
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Awesome and well worth it. I suggest giving it a spin

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Salvatore Giacalone
IT Business Intelligence Lead at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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