Custom GPT Community Prompts

Browse all Custom GPTs and manage prompts for each GPT. AIPRM’s Custom GPT integration lets you to take your Custom GPT usage to a new level.
  • Create Custom Prompts specific to a Custom GPT
  • Quickly find relevant Custom GPTs
  • Trust millions of users voting on the best GPTs
  • Effortlessly apply all AIPRM’s prompts to any Custom GPT
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OpenAI Store GPTs are too generic for you?>

OpenAI Store GPTs are too generic for you? #

Learn how to add Custom Prompts to Custom GPTs>

Learn how to add Custom Prompts to Custom GPTs #

Frequently Asked Questions>

Frequently Asked Questions #

When can I add custom prompts to custom GPTs?

This feature is live already for all AIPRM users.

Will I be able to use custom GPTs from the OpenAI store for this?

Yes, we think so.

How can I keep my custom prompts for GPTs only to me and my team?

No problem, just use the AIPRM team features we have like

  • Team Lists
  • Team Prompts
  • Private Prompts

What Our Users Say

Effortless Content Creation

"I love using this ChatGPT/AIPRM because it simplifies my life by decreasing the amount of brainstorming time and preparation time for a social media post, blog article, or youtube script.”

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Yuliya Weingarten
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Coldwell Banker Realty

Very easy to use

"It is an excellent tool and also very easy to use. Thank you very much for this.”

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Carlos Mauricio Rojas Calvete
Head of Sales at Disanmotos

Revolutionized Conversations: AIPRM Elevates ChatGPT's Brilliance

"AIPRM has elevated ChatGPT to new heights, enhancing its language understanding and response generation capabilities. Whether delving into complex topics or enjoying casual conversation, ChatGPT's nuanced and insightful responses make it an even more indispensable tool. Kudos to the ChatGPT and AIPRM team for this remarkable advancement!.”

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Haytham Fadul
Business Advisor at Freelancer

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