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AIPRM is a prompt management tool and community-driven prompt library. Use it to complete marketing, sales, operation, productivity, and customer support tasks in minutes that used to take hours with ready-to-use prompts for ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, and DALL-E 3.


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Built for Small Businesses. Trusted by Big Businesses.

(If we showed the Small Business logos, you wouldn’t recognize them.)

Prompt. Click.
Valuable content in seconds.

Watch how easy it is to start instantly generating:
  • One month of blog titles
  • Full original articles
  • Copy for your service pages


You know your small business, but you don’t know AI. Use AIPRM 1-Click Prompts to quickly get consistent results from ChatGPT.

No prompt engineering skills required.


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Need to Improve Strategic Planning and Creative Execution?

Accelerate your marketing outputs with our straightforward, 1-Click prompts for... 👇


Quickly gain audience insights


Spin up the perfect tagline to grab attention

Social Media

Creating captions and hashtags easily


Create optimized content the first time

You’re a business owner. Not a writer. The average business owner spends 100 hours a month on marketing.

Use AIPRM to spend more of your time on your business.

You know your business better than anyone, but all those other annoying tasks?

They’re very time-consuming. ChatGPT can help you create content, but AIPRM can do it in your voice, quickly and creatively.

100 Hours Wasted


That's over four full days you could have spent growing your business.




Prewritten ChatGPT prompts speed up your planning, templates, marketing, sales, and content creation.


Get consistent, more
reliable output from ChatGPT.

If you’ve ever used ChatGPT, you know it can be tricky to get the output you’re looking for. Don’t break your brain trying to craft the perfect prompt, use our 1-Click prompt templates and get the right output quickly. All you need is to bring the idea.

  • Your competitors are already leveraging ChatGPT for their marketing efforts.
  • AIPRM is how they turn ChatGPT into a resource anyone can use regardless of their technical skills

Get consistent results from ChatGPT. Across your whole team.

Sure, everyone is using ChatGPT. But, let's face it, the results are all over the place. AIPRM's Team feature is your solution to inconsistency. It's your key to saving time and delivering a uniform output by sharing prompts across your organization. No more hours wasted tweaking and modifying. No more brand messages lost in translation. The best part is it’s even available to free users.

AIPRM Teams Example

Download our free Chrome Extension today


Download our free Chrome Extension today to get your time back


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You are four steps away from solving your content problem.

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Install the Chrome Extension

With one click, install our browser extension for and have access to all of our prompts while you use ChatGPT.

Right now, AIPRM works for Chromium based browsers like Chrome and Edge.



Select from curated prompts

Search and filter through a list of prompts created by the AIPRM team and our prompt engineering community.

Yes, you can create your own and clone prompts from our community to edit and store for your own use.



Create valuable content in seconds

Fill in the details of the prompts and generate better content directly inside of ChatGPT.

Use AIPRM’s prompts to create marketing, sales, and customer support collateral for your small business. For every use case, there’s a prompt for that.



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Customize ChatGPT to your needs with cutting edge features.

AIPRM has stayed a step ahead of OpenAI by rolling out functionality that make users more productive. Features like Writing Styles, Live Crawling, Variables, and Custom Profiles have empowered our users to get more accurate and useable content the first time. Everytime.

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AIPRM Prompt Quality

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With new users everyday we continue to create prompts that gets results and gives our community their time back.