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Die ultimative Zeitersparnis für ChatGPT und andere KI-Modelle!
Über 2 Millionen Nutzer und einige der größten Marken der Welt vertrauen darauf.

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AIPRM bietet effiziente und erschwingliche KI auf der Grundlage von ChatGPT.

Mit AIPRM Cockpit können Sie jetzt die Leistungsfähigkeit von AIPRM mit sicheren KI-APIs und vielen verschiedenen LLMs nutzen.
KI-Statistiken zeigen, dass 53 % der Geschäftsinhaber erwarten, dass KI ihnen Zeit spart. Nutzen Sie also AIPRM und verbringen Sie mehr Zeit mit Ihrem Unternehmen.

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Über 2.000.000 Nutzer und einige der größten Marken der Welt vertrauen uns

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Was unsere Kunden sagen

It has ChatGPT prompts for nearly anything you can imagine

"I am a serial entrepreneur specializing in SMTP infrastructure, AKA Email Marketing Software and services. I was told about AIPRM by a colleague. This is an amazing extension! It has ChatGPT prompts for nearly anything you can imagine with new ones …”

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Steve Haase
Founder & CEO at SMTP Depot

Phenomenal and Fantastic!!!

"Phenomenal... and I am just taking the very first steps to learn and use it. Fantastic!!!”

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Joao Carlos Page
Associate at City of Saskatoon

AIPRM's 1-Click Prompts Are Incredible!

"I'm totally amazed with the 1 click prompts that saves me a lot of effort and valuable time. I highly recommend it to all the Chatgpt users.”

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Panagiotis Lymperopoulos
Fashion Photographer at KAVYAR

Very easy to use

"It is an excellent tool and also very easy to use. Thank you very much for this.”

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Carlos Mauricio Rojas Calvete
Head of Sales at Disanmotos

One of the things I love about AIPRM is the vast collection of Prompts that are available

"I appreciate the idea of sharing exciting prompts with all community members. It follows the idea of collective learning and growth, which I do personally like a lot. ”

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Begoña Mallenco
Corporate Fundraising Officer at The SeaCleaners

This is phenomenal!!!

"I am an author, and content creator. This has been a life saver. I use it for research and writing and exploring new ideas. This is phenomenal!!!”

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Certified Self Esteem Life Coach & Author at Spirit Brain Play

Amazing extension!

"Amazing extension, love it!”

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Behram Mahamat Saleh
Software engineer at CGI

AIPRM: A Game-Changer, Saves Time, Boosts Opportunities

"Chris thank you for this amazing tool. I am Jemma Mong a Digital Marketer and Web Designer and so fascinated with the AIPRM tool as these prompts reduces time and energy for me to try out ChatGPT. I found out through Clubhouse member, Christel …”

user name display picture
Jemma Fong
Business Owner at InSite Creations Web Design
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