17 Ways to Smash Christmas Planning Using AI

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Christoph C. Cemper
Decorate the Christmas tree, send Christmas cards to the Australian uncle, buy gifts, add lactose-free milk to the Christmas food shopping list, find games that 80-year-olds and 8-year-olds can play together, get last year’s remaining mulled wine out of storage….

Decorate the Christmas tree, send Christmas cards to the Australian uncle, buy gifts, add lactose-free milk to the Christmas food shopping list, find games that 80-year-olds and 8-year-olds can play together, get last year’s remaining mulled wine out of storage….

OK, except for that last one – we all know there’s no such thing as leftover mulled wine :). Feel free to disagree, but we can all agree that planning for the holiday season can be a painfully stressful activity. The good news is that in 2023, no one has to follow the same script, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence).

If you know how to use it properly, AI can turn weeks of deliberation and planning into definite, actionable task lists and solutions within minutes. For example, you can use AI to save hours trying to find ways to modify your Christmas dinner to suit lactose-intolerant grandma, gluten-shy brother, and the picky toddler all at once. In fact, statistics show that 61% Marketers are using AI to save time & resources. So why not transfer these gains into Christmas planning?

That’s why we wrote this article. The rest of this article will guide you on 17 ways to use AI to save time on your most pressing tasks this festive season. If you’re unsure where to start, you can start by downloading AIPRM, like over 2 million others who use it to guide AI towards the right results through laser-focused prompts.

Planning and organization with AI>

Planning and organization with AI #

1. Find Christmas Songs with AI>

1. Find Christmas Songs with AI #

Discover new Christmas songs and organize them into a playlist with the “Music Recommender”.

Because what good is a holiday season without a hearty singalong session for Grandpa to bop along to? This prompt helps you create multiple fun playlists to suit all music tastes, from hardcore rockers to opera lovers. For example, if you want to create a playlist for a family that bonds by headbanging to heavy metal, simply use this prompt to discover new Christmas rock albums to make your Christmas.

All it takes to discover and organize your bespoke Christmas playlist is 30 seconds. Simply enter your playlist idea to get similar recommendations for your party.

And here is a quick 1 minute walk thru how to it! Sit back and enjoy!

2. Create Christmas dinner ideas with AI>

2. Create Christmas dinner ideas with AI #

Create Christmas dinner ideas to suit food intolerance with the Recipe writing prompt.

Attention, friends and family members of picky eaters! Fret no more. This tool instantly creates recipes to suit various dietary preferences, allowing you to accommodate your guests’ individual needs without fretting over unpleasant bathroom trips or, worse yet, emergency room visits.

All you have to do is enter the name of the dish you want to create. Feel free to be as specific as possible. If Uncle Walter, for example, can only have nut-free stuffed pork loin, all you have to do is enter “nut-free stuffed pork loin” into the text box. You instantly get a full recipe, complete with cooking time, a list of ingredients and nutritional information. And if you don’t like the result? Simply click the “Refresh” button to ‘automagically’ find an alternative recipe. add image

3. Get a list of quizzes for a Christmas game night from AI>

3. Get a list of quizzes for a Christmas game night from AI #

Get a list of quizzes for a Christmas game night with the “Quiz Generator” prompt.

According to quiz experts, creating a quiz from scratch can take between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

Rather than spend hours searching the internet for overused quizzes to recycle, use the Quiz Generator prompt to create engaging quizzes that keep your guests on their toes. Whether you’re quizzing them on soccer, Disney or general knowledge, this prompt will help you create fun, family-friendly quizzes that make your gathering all the more exciting.

Example walk through the Quiz Generator Prompt

4. Create a Spotify Playlist for Christmas with AI>

4. Create a Spotify Playlist for Christmas with AI #

You can create a Spotify playlist containing similar songs for Christmas with the Spotify Playlist Generator Prompt

Say goodbye to poring over countless carols because this prompt almost entirely takes over your festive music planning. Whether you’re tasked with organizing a music list for a work party, Christmas Day, or just the lull days in between, you can take back your time by outsourcing the task to AI. All you need to do is enter one song into the text field and have AI create a list of similar songs on Spotify for you and your guests to enjoy.

To use it, simply type in your favorite song title and artist into the text field, and that’s it. In seconds, you now have a Spotify playlist you can simply plug in and forget about while you enjoy the company of others and let your hair down.

Gift Buying with AI>

Gift Buying with AI #

5. Find the best-priced gift with AI>

5. Find the best-priced gift with AI #

Find the best-priced gift for everyone online or in stores with Santa’s Gift Helper GPT.

So you have your Christmas shopping list together (well done!), but how do you find the lowest-priced turquoise blow dryer in Oklahoma? This is where Santa’s Gift helper can help. This prompt brings order and direction to your Christmas list by finding the best prices and most convenient sources for the items on your shopping list. It’s guaranteed to turn hours of Excel sheet filling, mindless scrolling, and fruitless searching into actionable answers in seconds.

Just upload or paste your entire list of gifts, enter your zip code and start a conversation. You can ask ChatGPT to tell you where you can get your gifts at the lowest price or figure out where you can pick them up in-store, and basically “magic” extra time and money out of thin air.

6. Talk to AI Santa about your gifts>

6. Talk to AI Santa about your gifts #

Talk to AI Santa about your gifts in detail with the GPT “Gift Guru”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get clarity on whether your gifts are fit for purpose? Especially if you don’t want to end up ordering a “kids” gift that really isn’t for kids. GPT Gift Guru is the first line of defense against running around in circles and still ending up with the wrong gifts. If you’re stuck for ideas, simply type your gift-related problem and watch AI give you on-the-spot clarity.

For instance, type in “gift recommendations for a 90-year-old lady who likes skydiving” to find, well, exactly that. But that’s not all. The prompt gives you quick gift recommendations and can craft the messaging to go on your gifts if you so desire.

General Shopping>

General Shopping #

7. Get purchase ideas focused on family benefits from AI>

7. Get purchase ideas focused on family benefits from AI #

Get a family-first assistant to subtly suggest purchases focused on family benefits: GPT “Wife agrees to buy”

If you want to keep your marriage intact after this festive season, this is a useful tool to have. The correct answer to every question regarding your purchasing decisions is “because it’s beneficial for our family”, and this prompt tells you exactly how to frame your responses. Tread carefully. Or don’t.

A simple question like “Why do we need a microwave” generates a rational, family-based argument for getting a microwave. For the most part, this home appliance staple should sell itself, but AI does a much better job.

8. Find Discounts for your Shopping List with AI>

8. Find Discounts for your Shopping List with AI #

You can find discounts and create recipes based on your shopping list: GPT Inflation shopping and recipes.

“I like to burn cash unnecessarily,” said no one ever. That’s why this prompt helps you find discounted recipes based on your shopping list. It is designed to find you the best-priced food items within your locality, and as an added bonus you can get recipe ideas that save you even more time.

Essentially a chatbot, ask it questions like you would ask a shopping assistant hired to save you from making poor financial decisions. In addition to giving you a list of how each product compares from store to store, it also throws a few recipe ideas, which you can then use the Food Recipe prompt to get recipes for or generate more meal ideas for using the Meal List Generator.

9. Impress Multicultural Guests with AI>

9. Impress Multicultural Guests with AI #

Impress multicultural guests with tailored Christmas meal planning: Meal List Generator.

Not sure what to cook for your multicultural guests? Fast-track your research with this prompt and quickly generate a list of specific meal suggestions you can prepare. For instance, if you’ve decided on an Italian Christmas breakfast but don’t know what it entails, this prompt will list and summarize breakfast options to help you decide quickly.

To do this, simply enter the specific meal you want to prepare into the text field. In this case, enter “Italian Christmas Breakfast”. ChatGPT asks you how many meals you would like it to generate (I answered 5), and Hey Presto!, 5 Italian Christmas breakfast ideas, ready to be turned into recipes.

Family-friendly entertainment with AI>

Family-friendly entertainment with AI #

10. Holiday Planning with AI>

10. Holiday Planning with AI #

Get your personalized holiday planner: GPT “Noela the Holidayist”.

With this prompt, it’s time to sack your $40K/year holiday planner (if you have one). Whether you’re organizing festive decorations, planning the perfect holiday menu, or scheduling family activities, Noela’s holiday expertise guarantees you a seamless and joyous celebration.

To take advantage of Noela’s rich expertise, simply start a conversation with Noela, just like you would with your $40K/year holiday planner. Then, sit back and watch as Noela crafts a tailored plan for your festivities, streamlining all your activities to the finest detail so that you can focus on creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

11. Personalized Christmas Stories by AI>

11. Personalized Christmas Stories by AI #

You can get personalized Christmas stories with the Children’s Book author prompt.

When your creativity wears thin, this prompt comes to the rescue and creates child-friendly stories about anything you ask it to. If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained (and also earn brownie points as everyone’s favorite auntie/uncle), have fun with it, and let the kids explore their imagination with various story characters and settings.

For example, to create a story about a dog named Bubu whose bark sounds like laughter, but who saved Christmas, enter “dog named Bubu, that saved Christmas and whose bark sounds like laughter” and watch AI draft an enthralling story that keeps little ones entertained.

12. Personalized Christmas Stories by AI>

12. Personalized Christmas Stories by AI #

Create fun coloring pages for kids with the GPT “Coloring Book Master”.

What’s the best thing for kids to do when adults need to “tone it down”?


Thanks to the Coloring Book Master, you can generate coloring on-demand that keeps the little ones entertained while you reclaim some time for yourself. You can print out and hand out these coloring sheets while you prepare food, do some tidying, or simply relax.

All you have to do is type in your exact words what type of coloring you want (for example, “Create a Christmas Coloring Page” and let AI do the work.

13. Answer Kids’ Christmas Letters with AI>

13. Answer Kids’ Christmas Letters with AI #

Get Mrs Claus to answer kids’ Christmas letters with joy and care with the GPT “Santa’s Mailroom”.

Running out of time to respond to kid’s letters?

Don’t panic. Mrs. Claus can help!

This magical tool helps you seamlessly create responses to kids’ Christmas letters filled with joy, care, and a touch of holiday magic. The best part is how emotive the letters are – handy, especially for challenging situations (like losing a pet or grandparent) when it’s difficult to pen your thoughts accurately.

To generate a response, type in your question (for example: What’s a good Christmas message from Mrs Claus to a child who recently lost a pet?) to generate your letter instantly. Pretty handy if you have a quiverful of kids to respond to.

14. Christmas Theme Images with AI>

14. Christmas Theme Images with AI #

Add a Christmas Theme to any Image with GPT “Christmasfy”.

No graphic designer? Please resist the temptation to send that marketing e-mail without a Christmas theme, especially when Christmasfy exists to remove the burden of becoming your graphic designer.

Christmasfy adds a Christmas theme to all your images. You can either upload your image for ‘Christmasfication’ or enter the details you want, while AI generates a new image AND Christmas-fies it. Sweet!

And if you don’t like the image generated? It’s easy – simply refresh for a new image. There’s no need for forward and backward e-mails requesting multiple revisions that delay the entire project.

15. Christmas Theme Text with AI>

15. Christmas Theme Text with AI #

Infuse your texts with Christmas joy: GPT “Jolly Christmas Wordsmith”.

A small “thank you for your business” message doesn’t go amiss at the end of the year. With this prompt, you can infuse the Christmas spirit and make your messages more entertaining in seconds.

For example, if you want to write a nice end-of-year thank you message to your customers telling them how much you valued their business this year, simply type “Write a Thank You message to customers”, and you get a lovely message to add to your email client.

16. Christmas Themed GIFs with AI>

16. Christmas Themed GIFs with AI #

Generate Christmas-themed GIFs for your social media and marketing efforts with the GPT “Gif-PT”.

Don’t spend painful hours trying to find the right social media GIFs to say, “I’m funny, it’s Christmas, Buy my product”. Simply adjust this job to GIF-PT, then go and spend time with your family. You’re welcome.

All you have to do is either upload your image (or ask AI to generate one for you) and that’s it. You do not have to do a single thing else. All the inner workings of the prompt behind the scenes combine to give you the most digitally enhanced, jolliest image you can imagine. And if you don’t like it, simply refresh for a new image. Especially as it gets busier in the run-up to the holidays, this might be the touch-up your marketing efforts need to get your customers feeling the good cheer from you.

17. Create a Long-form blog post using AI>

17. Create a Long-form blog post using AI #

Of course we want a long-form blog post – with gift ideas. Create that using the “2000+ SEO post that Ranks”.

The obligatory long form “20 best gifts for X” post won’t write itself – and thankfully, you don’t have to do it all yourself either. This prompt will do the heavy lifting for you. Not only do you get a long-form post that you can use, but you also get one that is spell-checked, optimized for search engines, relevant, structured, and almost ready to go live on your website and get you traffic.

By just typing in your article title, you get a full 2000+ word article that you can tweak a little, add your images to and publish on your website quickly – so that you can do some yoga and decorate your house (in no particular order).

AIPRM is the virtual assistant you never knew you needed>

AIPRM is the virtual assistant you never knew you needed #

In the whirlwind of holiday preparations, from wrapping gifts to perfecting that gingerbread house, time is worth more than gold. On the other hand, it’s clear that technology isn’t just a modern convenience; it’s a superpower. From organizing gift lists to conjuring the perfect playlist and even assisting in menu creation, AIPRM is the ideal virtual assistant that saves you time and reduces your holiday planning stress.

Plus, it only takes less than 3 minutes to start claiming your time back. Just download the AIPRM Google Chrome extension and start outsourcing your unpleasant holiday planning tasks! Cheers to a season infused with traditional warmth and a sprinkle of technological enchantment!

Only getting started…>

Only getting started… #

And we’re only getting started in 2023. We do have a lot of powerful new features in the product development labs and QA for you.

In 2024 we’ll excite you with AIPRM Cockpit, AIPRM Custom Indexes and an exciting way to earn with AIPRM.

Stay tuned.

Use the Cheat Code for AI today. Install AIPRM for free.

Only a few clicks until you also experience the AIPRM-moment in your AI usage!

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