Nieuw AIPRM Cockpit komt er binnenkort aan. Kom op de wachtlijst.

Je spiekcode voor AI

Mis deze productiviteitsboost niet! Start nu GRATIS met AIPRM.

AIPRM is de ultieme tijdsbespaarder voor ChatGPT en andere AI-modellen!
Vertrouwd door meer dan 2 miljoen gebruikers en enkele van ’s werelds grootste merken.

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Ontworpen voor U en uw teams

AIPRM biedt efficiënte en betaalbare AI bovenop ChatGPT.

Met AIPRM Cockpit kun je nu de kracht van AIPRM gebruiken met veilige AI API’s en veel verschillende LLM’s.
AI-statistieken blijkt dat 53% van de bedrijfseigenaren verwacht dat AI hen tijd zal besparen. Gebruik dus AIPRM en besteed meer van je tijd aan je bedrijf.

Je bevindt je in goed gezelschap

Vertrouwd door meer dan 2.000.000 gebruikers en enkele van 's werelds grootste merken

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Wat onze klanten zeggen

AIPRM has increased my productivity by 10x

"It is an awesome tool to work with ChatGPT. I really love the extension and it increased my productivity by 10x. Thanks to AIPRM team for developing such an amazing tool and continuously adding new and new prompts. Once again thanks to the team.”

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Abhishek Srivastava
Product Manager at JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

AIPRM Simplicity is Incredible

"I am an advertising writer and work at a Full Service agency. Our CEO spoke about the AIPRM, and downloaded the extension on my notebook. The simplicity of searching is incredible. Without this tool, I would need much more time to produce my work.”

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Cristiane Araújo
Member of the Management Team at BR-ME


"I think this tech is revolutionary and it is going to change the world. It is awesome!”

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Luis André Munoz
Adobe Experience Manager Web Content Developer at Critical Mass

AIPRM: A Game-Changer, Learning and Loving Every Moment!

"What an amazing tool! Loving using it and learning as I go. Thank you!”

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Kate Nankivell
LinkedIn Trainer & Coach at Force of Nature

Above awesome!

" This tool is above awesome.”

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Barry Featheringill
Production Supervisor at Retired(MasterBrand, Inc.)

Very Useful Tool for SEO

"This is very useful tool for SEO. it's saved me lots of time and work now. I can easily manage most of the project becoz of this. Thanks for creating this amazing tool”

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Ankit Shrivastava
Search Engine Optimization Executive at UV Soft Solutions

It is not possible to imagine doing what I do today without AIPRM

"Just when we think we've reached the limit of a tool's evolution, something fantastic, innovative comes along that makes everything seem so simple. This is AIPRM working together with you to give you the opportunity to compete at the highest levels …”

user name display picture
Adauto Lemos
CEO & Founder at ÍNTEGRA Educação e Negócios

So helpful and inventive

"The prompts are second to none and the ones I have used so far work better than expected.”

user name display picture
Sadie Mae Smiley
Co-Founder, Coach & Content Creator at The Women of AI
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