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Je spiekcode voor AI

Mis deze productiviteitsboost niet! Start nu GRATIS met AIPRM.

AIPRM is de ultieme tijdsbespaarder voor ChatGPT en andere AI-modellen!
Vertrouwd door meer dan 2 miljoen gebruikers en enkele van ’s werelds grootste merken.

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Ontworpen voor U en uw teams

AIPRM biedt efficiënte en betaalbare AI bovenop ChatGPT.

Met AIPRM Cockpit kun je nu de kracht van AIPRM gebruiken met veilige AI API’s en veel verschillende LLM’s.
AI-statistieken blijkt dat 53% van de bedrijfseigenaren verwacht dat AI hen tijd zal besparen. Gebruik dus AIPRM en besteed meer van je tijd aan je bedrijf.

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Vertrouwd door meer dan 2.000.000 gebruikers en enkele van 's werelds grootste merken

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Wat onze klanten zeggen

Large amount of content and very easy to use

"I discovered AIPRM in a community of digital entrepreneurs and it is a great help to me in finding content on various topics for websites, social networks. For me, the best thing about AIPRM is the large amount of content it offers and the ease of …”

user name display picture
Lourdes Correa Oliver
Virtual Assistant at AVbox

AIRPM helps to me to achieve a more focused approach and desired output when using chatGPT

"When you use chatGPT, it's like casting a wide fish net.. and you catch whatever falls under the net.. when you combine chatGPT and AIPRM, you are able to zoom in and choose what fish you want to catch, a more focused approach and drill down to the …”

user name display picture
Anton Sheker
Country Manager at Renpho

The user interface is excellent.

"I am a consultant for banks on climate finance issues. I discovered this tool very long ago. I use it a lot to compare my ideas with those of others through chatGPT. The interface of AIPRM is very good for asking questions or requesting a summary of …”

user name display picture
Olivier Claude Pierard
Senior Consultant at GFA Consulting, Green Finance Expert

This is phenomenal!!!

"I am an author, and content creator. This has been a life saver. I use it for research and writing and exploring new ideas. This is phenomenal!!!”

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Certified Self Esteem Life Coach & Author at Spirit Brain Play

Made my life easier

"It has made my life easier; now I intend to add my prompts so others may also benefit from it”

user name display picture
Syed Abdul Rafey Qadri
Coach & CEO at Taaseer 360 Solutions

It's a Game Changer for that Blank Page

"AIPRM and ChatGPT have been a game changer for that blank page. The ideas it gives me help me set me in a good direction. It's been so much easier giving me time back and more space for the creative process”

user name display picture
Lisa Benson
Business Owner at DeBella DeBall Designs

It is not possible to imagine doing what I do today without AIPRM

"Just when we think we've reached the limit of a tool's evolution, something fantastic, innovative comes along that makes everything seem so simple. This is AIPRM working together with you to give you the opportunity to compete at the highest levels …”

user name display picture
Adauto Lemos
CEO & Founder at ÍNTEGRA Educação e Negócios

Very Helpful for Users of all Skill levels

"Best part about this tool, is that it is very helpful for users of all skill levels of prompt generation and use. Even the best prompt engineers out there would find this tool useful to share their public work. You can always learn something by …”

user name display picture
Mark Barrus
Director at Healthy Life Centers LLC
AIPRM installeren voor ChatGPT