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Ne manquez pas ce coup de pouce à la productivité ! Commencez à utiliser l'AIPRM dès maintenant et GRATUITEMENT.

AIPRM est l’ultime gain de temps pour ChatGPT et d’autres modèles d’IA !
Plus de 2 millions d’utilisateurs et certaines des plus grandes marques mondiales lui font confiance.

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L’AIPRM fournit une IA efficace et abordable en plus de ChatGPT.

AIPRM Cockpit vous permet désormais d’utiliser la puissance d’AIPRM avec des API d’IA sécurisées et de nombreux LLM différents.
Statistiques sur l’IA montrent que 53 % des chefs d’entreprise s’attendent à ce que l’IA leur fasse gagner du temps. Alors, utilisez l’AIPRM et consacrez plus de temps à votre entreprise.

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La confiance de plus de 2 000 000 d'utilisateurs et de certaines des plus grandes marques mondiales

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Ce que nos clients disent

AIPRM: Unmatched Ideation Toolbox for Business Excellence!

"I love this extension. I know there are competitors, but I haven't found any better than this. I use it every day, and keep finding new ways to use the prompts and appreciate the updates as they come.

AIPRM has given me a toolbox ideation tools that …”

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Don Giannatti
CEO/Photographer at Don Giannatti Visual Media Strategy

The best way to make use of ChatGPT!

"I think AIPRM is most likely the BEST way to make use of ChatGPT! I work in the coaching and psychotherapy market and I learned so much just by playing with AIPRM. It is so freaking amazing I feel like slapping myself everytime I use it And the fact …”

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Eugen Popa
CEO & Founder at Pro Success Training

AI-powered AIPRM revolutionizes marketing, saving time and money effectively

"AIPRM for ChatGPT: A marketer's dream saving time, money, and offering a near-perfect collaboration. Thanks for this fabulous tool”

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Amelia Sanz Duran
Socio Director at First Step Consultores, SL

It provided me the freedom to write

"I like the AIPRM extension because it gave me freedom of writing”

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Adam Yaro
Chief Executive Officer at Adam Yaro Global Nig Limited

Utilizing ChatGPT: Faster, Better Prompt Management

"A game changer that makes Chat GPT way more usable and helps to build better prompts faster and manage your prompts. Love it”

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Peter Rochel
Strategic Management Consultant at UTXO Solutions

It helped me improve my scripts

" I Love it! The prompts are very useful and have helped me improve my scripts! Please continue making updates.”

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Karla Ball
Licensed Real Estate Broker at RE/MAX Premier

Turbocharged my workflow!

"The quick prompts saved me a whole bunch of time. I upgraded today before the increase because I need this in my life, you would to if knew the time it could save you.”

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Neal Brown
Employment Specialist at Bromley & Greenwich IPS

AIPRM is Amazing!

"AIPRM is amazing, I am so glad I discovered it and am able to utilise it in my marketing business.”

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Brian Alcock
Business Growth Mentor at Core Business Mentoring
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