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Su código de trucos para la IA

¡No se pierda este impulso a la productividad! Empieza a usar AIPRM ahora GRATIS.

AIPRM es lo último en ahorro de tiempo para ChatGPT y otros modelos de IA.
Con la confianza de más de 2 millones de usuarios y algunas de las marcas más grandes del mundo.

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AIPRM proporciona una IA eficaz y asequible sobre ChatGPT.

AIPRM Cockpit ahora le permite utilizar la potencia de AIPRM con API de IA seguras y muchos LLM diferentes.
Estadísticas de IA muestran que el 53% de los empresarios esperan que la IA les ahorre tiempo. Utilice AIPRM y dedique más tiempo a su negocio.

Estarás en buena compañía.

Más de 2.000.000 de usuarios y algunas de las marcas más importantes del mundo confían en nosotros.

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Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

It saved me a lot of time

"My Name is Khubchand Kushwah, and I am a Digital Marketer and also a Web Developer, When I found the tutorial in YouTube, first time I feel it is time consuming but after I decided to try this platform, it saved my time, This is an evolution in the …”

user name display picture
Khubchand Kushwah
Wordpress and Youtube SEO manager at The Earther

One of the things I love about AIPRM is the vast collection of Prompts that are available

"I appreciate the idea of sharing exciting prompts with all community members. It follows the idea of collective learning and growth, which I do personally like a lot. ”

user name display picture
Begoña Mallenco
Corporate Fundraising Officer at The SeaCleaners


"I was delighted with AIPRM. I work in the real estate market and use the prompts to generate ads, property descriptions and positions. Fantastic.”

user name display picture
Wellington Leal
Director at Corretor Leal Negócios Imobiliários

AIPRM Prompts: Truly Heaven on Earth!

"Honestly speaking, I am convinced that the AIPRM prompts are heaven on earth.”

user name display picture
Nasser Berjaoui
Professor 'C' and Writer
Sociolinguistics ('secret languages')
Departmentof English Studies
Faculty of Languages, Letters, and Arts at Ibn Tofail University

It has ChatGPT prompts for nearly anything you can imagine

"I am a serial entrepreneur specializing in SMTP infrastructure, AKA Email Marketing Software and services. I was told about AIPRM by a colleague. This is an amazing extension! It has ChatGPT prompts for nearly anything you can imagine with new ones …”

user name display picture
Steve Haase
Founder & CEO at SMTP Depot

Large amount of content and very easy to use

"I discovered AIPRM in a community of digital entrepreneurs and it is a great help to me in finding content on various topics for websites, social networks. For me, the best thing about AIPRM is the large amount of content it offers and the ease of …”

user name display picture
Lourdes Correa Oliver
Virtual Assistant at AVbox

The user interface is excellent.

"I am a consultant for banks on climate finance issues. I discovered this tool very long ago. I use it a lot to compare my ideas with those of others through chatGPT. The interface of AIPRM is very good for asking questions or requesting a summary of …”

user name display picture
Olivier Claude Pierard
Senior Consultant at GFA Consulting, Green Finance Expert

AIPRM: A Game-Changer, Saves Time, Boosts Opportunities

"Chris thank you for this amazing tool. I am Jemma Mong a Digital Marketer and Web Designer and so fascinated with the AIPRM tool as these prompts reduces time and energy for me to try out ChatGPT. I found out through Clubhouse member, Christel …”

user name display picture
Jemma Fong
Business Owner at InSite Creations Web Design
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