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AIPRM provides efficient and affordable AI on top of ChatGPT.

AIPRM Cockpit now lets you use the power of AIPRM with secure AI APIs and many different LLMs.
AI statistics show that 53% of business owners expect AI to save them time. So, use AIPRM and spend more of your time on your business.

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Trusted by over 2,000,000 users and some of the world's biggest brands

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What Our Customers Say

AIRPM: Time saver with incredible content for free, No need for other extension.

"AIRPM is an absolute time saver. The amount of content you get- even for a free user - is immense. I'm pretty sure I will not need any other extension beside this. Thanks”

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Sonam Lama
Strategist at Marching Ants

AIPRM enables me to be more productive in my daily work

"AIPRM helped me gather information that I don't know where to look for, ideas for content and formulate the type of writing that I prefer. Without AIPRM I would be less productive. ”

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Marcia Lourenço
Manager at Praticadamente

I use AIPRM in everything I do everyday

"Hi, this is Barbara Williams aka Barbara Zurilgen-Loop, I am so thrilled with AIPRM it is hugely helping me! I am a published author, blog writer, website builder, entrepreneur, Miniature Schnauzer Breeder, dog trainer, Life Success coach and …”

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Barbara (Barbara Williams) Zurilgen
Everlasting Empowerment Expert at Self-employed

Utilizing ChatGPT: Faster, Better Prompt Management

"A game changer that makes Chat GPT way more usable and helps to build better prompts faster and manage your prompts. Love it”

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Peter Rochel
Strategic Management Consultant at UTXO Solutions

Truly a powerful tool never before seen in general

"It is incredible and produces much better results than many professional companies. This tool will not be an enemy to professionals but will lead many to be much more productive and earn much more money by delivering better results in much less time.”

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Everton Duque
Marketing Manager at Arts duque

Improved quality of work it also made me significantly more efficient

" I absolutely love this tool. As the owner of two distinct businesses and a sales and marketing consultant for numerous others, this tool is essential. I utilize it for approximately 10 hours a day. Not only has it improved the quality of my work, …”

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James Eglin
Founder - VP of Sales and Marketing at The Online Business Agency

AIPRM Transforms Content Marketing: Effortless Planning, Quality Boost, and a Publishing Surge

"AIPRM changed the game for us in our content marketing system. Now all employees can plan and develop great content that ranks and is valuable to clients and the company within minutes.
Now our biggest bottleneck is publishing the content we have, …”

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Adam Temple
CEO at Evolved Extraction Solutions

Efficient, Time-Saving Tool

"I highly recommend AIPRM for anyone looking to save time and improve their content creation process.”

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Sebastian Mealer
Digital Marketing Strategist at Grow Your Chiro Practice
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