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While ChatGPT is a powerful conversational engine, AIPRM goes a step further by offering an advanced prompt library and prompt management tools designed specifically for business applications. With AIPRM, you can effortlessly create reusable prompts with custom variables to perfectly align with your marketing, sales, and support strategies.

Save time and effort with access to thousands of prebuilt prompt templates, something you won't get with ChatGPT. Plus, our team collaboration features allow you to curate and share the very best, customized prompts with your employees. Opt for AIPRM and take control of your generative AI capabilities like never before.

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Is a free trial really that appealing when you need to spend most of it figuring out how to use the resource?

While JasperAI can be useful, is it really the ideal workforce multiplier?

accurate response

Accurate Response

When left to its own devices ChatGPT can provide inaccurate answers forcing you to fact check everything or simplify your requests.

AIPRM's collection of prompts have been engineered to respond accurately to your requests, regardless of the topic's complexity.

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Open Access

While ChatGPT can create various content formats, the responses tend to be cold and static which forces you to have to rewrite whatever it produces.

With AIPRM's live crawling prompts you can do things like outrank your competitor's recent post, analyze writing styles, summarize content quickly and more.

Matches Your Brand Personality

While ChatGPT can create various content formats, the responses tend to be cold and static which forces you to have to rewrite whatever it produces.

Our exclusive features gives you access to a variety of tones and writing styles to create get better results while also giving certain tiers the ability to add their specific brand tones and writing styles.

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Over 2 Million Users Love AIPRM For Chat GPT’s Prompt Library

Words from Our Satisfied Users

I am completely fascinated by this technology. I’m a podiatrist in private solo practice. I have rarely needed to market my practice, but times are changing fast and I need to get marketing in place quickly. A colleague told me about this and helped me to write my first e-book.

user avatar

Steve Wolfington

Sheboygan Foot Care, LLC

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’m absolutely thrilled to share my experience with AIPRM (Artificial Intelligence Powered Review Management)! As an avid user of ChatGPT, I can confidently say that AIPRM has been an absolute game-changer and the ultimate time saver in my workflow. AIPRM has truly revolutionized the way I manage and review content. Its advanced AI-driven capabilities have taken the hassle out of the review process, allowing me to focus my time and energy on more critical tasks. The efficiency it brings to the table is simply remarkable. One of the standout features of AIPRM is its ability to comprehend and analyze text with incredible accuracy. The precision with which it identifies potential issues, suggests improvements, and offers relevant insights is mind-blowing. It’s like having a dedicated team of expert reviewers at my fingertips, available around the clock. But that’s not all – AIPRM’s user-friendly interface makes navigating and utilizing its powerful features an absolute breeze.

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Saqib Riaz

Tips & Tricks With Saqib

My name is Zafeer Ahmad I am a content writer. Via YouTube video, I knew about AIPRM and it is amazing. It helped me greatly to write a marvelous content This writes SEO-compatible and saves lots of time I would do my simple job of content writing

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Zafeer Ahamd

Content Writer

AIPRM Features

Along with AIPRM's high-quality engineered prompts, using our extension also gives you access to:

Content Creation Features

AIPRM Everywhere

Pull content from anywhere on the internet and submit it into your ChatGPT Prompt seamlessly.


Custom Profiles

Create a biography for you and your company that can be automatically applied to any Prompt you use. Prime ChatGPT with critical information without having to copy and paste it every time.


Power Continue

Create quick commands to improve workflow and output. Have ChatGPT quickly summarize, rewrite, or execute a variety of built-in directives.


Verified Prompts

Created in close collaboration between AIPRM's engineers and our Prompt authors. They're considered production-level templates.


Prompt Creation Features

Prompt Variables

Build Prompts that you can use repeatedly. Bake in variables with dropdown selection or open fields that enable you to customize each Prompt every time you use it.


Prompt Forking

Clone any of the thousand Public Prompts and make them your own. Customize Forked Prompts and use them exactly how you need.


Prompt Management Features

Private Prompts

Store your own Custom Prompts in a list only accessible to you.


Private Lists

Manage your Prompt Library. Organize your most frequently used prompts into your Favorites List or Custom lists.


Unlimited Teams

Share access to your selected Prompts and Prompt Lists with a group of users. Prompt Management at an organizational level has never been easier. Maintain consistency in how your team uses generative Al for content.


AIPRM Saves You Up To 37 Hours Per Month More Than ChatGPT

• Less time building prompts. Less time finding prompts.

• More time building your business with the assistance of Al tools.

• Marketing. Sales. Copywriting. Customer Support. Anything you need.

There's a {prompt} for that


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