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Create a website layout (Sitemap) from just 1 or 2 keywords.

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T-Shirt Store, Whiskey, Affiliate Blog, Gaming Forum, Etc


Create a website layout (Sitemap) from just 1 or 2 keywords.


Create a visually appealing website layout effortlessly by simply inputting 1 or 2 keywords. Instantly generate a structured sitemap from your chosen words. Enhance your web design process and streamline your workflow by harnessing the power of this tool. Save time and effort while organizing your website effectively. Elevate your online presence with a well-thought-out layout that aligns with your content strategy. Improve user experience and boost engagement by starting with a strong foundation. Try it now and revolutionize your website creation process!

  • Generate a website layout (Sitemap) by providing only 1 or 2 keywords.
  • Effortlessly create a visual structure for your website based on minimal input data.
  • Simplify the web design process by quickly mapping out your site's architecture.
  • Instantly produce a sitemap for your website using just a couple of keywords.
  • Streamline the layout planning stage by generating a structured sitemap with ease.
  • Save time and effort by automating the creation of your website's visual blueprint.
  • Enhance your website development workflow by efficiently outlining your site's structure.
  • Quickly visualize the hierarchy and layout of your website with minimal keyword input.


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  • Generates a website layout (Sitemap) based on 1 or 2 keywords provided
  • Simplifies the process of creating a structured outline for a website
  • Helps organize website content efficiently
  • User-friendly interface for easy keyword input and output generation


  • Saves time by quickly outlining website structure
  • Ensures a clear and organized layout for better user experience
  • Simplifies the initial stages of website design and content planning
  • Ideal for individuals and businesses looking to create a website efficiently and effectively
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