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How To Manually Install AIPRM on Chrome

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Alternative Installation: Drag-and-Drop

The AIPRM browser extension has some incredible features that work on top of ChatGPT to enhance it, but every now and then an update to ChatGPT can break AIPRM.

When that happens, it’s frustrating. We get it. The last thing we want is for you to be handcuffed without access to your favorite prompts.

But don’t worry, when that happens, we keep this page updated with a reliable version of AIPRM that you can manually install on Chrome yourself.

Let’s get that sorted out for you! Here’s a step-by-step guide to manually install a working version:

1. Download the AIPRM Extension: Ensure you’re downloading the extension from a trusted source to keep your browser secure.

Download the latest version below.

2. Unzip the Downloaded Extension: Simply double-click or ‘open’ the downloaded file.

3. Open Chrome: Launch your Chrome browser on your computer.

4. Access Extensions: In the address bar, type in chrome://extensions/ and press Enter.

5. Enable Developer Mode: Locate and toggle on the ‘Developer mode’ switch on the top right corner of the page.

6. Load the Extension: Click on the ‘Load unpacked’ button. This will prompt you to select a file.

7. Select the AIPRM Folder: Navigate to the location where you downloaded and unzipped the AIPRM extension and select the appropriate folder.

8. Complete the Installation: Chrome will now install the AIPRM extension manually. Once installed, you should see it in your list of extensions.

9. Test with ChatGPT: Now that AIPRM is installed, you can head over to ChatGPT and ensure everything’s running smoothly.

Alternative Installation: Drag-and-Drop

The ZIP drag-and-drop method works for all operating systems, its functionality is specific to browser support.

To make it work, you need to have the root files/folders of the extensions directly ZIPed. When you open the ZIP file, you shouldn’t have a folder with the ZIP file name.

Instructions: Instead of using the ‘Load unpacked’ button, drag the ZIP into the Extensions Tab.

Remember, for any Chrome Extension, always ensure that you trust the source of your download to keep your browser and data safe. We hope this helps and apologize for any inconvenience you may have run into!

If you still need help troubleshooting, please visit us at the AIPRM Community Forum.

How To Manually Install AIPRM on Chrome

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