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How to Select and Use a Prompt

Finding and using prompts in AIPRM with ChatGPT is easy once you get the hang of it.

There are a ton of useful prompts in our Public Prompt Library for things like blog posts, SEO tasks, image creation, and more. Let’s get you started with sourcing and using prompts to bring you 1 step closer to being an AIPRM pro.

Begin by launching ChatGPT and initiating a New chat session. If you have the AIPRM extension installed, you’ll find the middle panel as the AIPRM extension tool, ready to enhance your experience.

Within the top menu, navigate through a range of AIPRM Prompt Lists. 

These lists include:

  • Favorite Prompts
  • AIPRM-Verified Prompts (available to Premium Users)
  • Public Prompts
  • Private Prompts
  • Custom Prompt Lists (used individually or with AIPRM Teams)
  • Hidden Prompts

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The Anatomy of an AIPRM Prompt

To illustrate, let’s focus on the AIPRM “find questions” prompt. 

This example showcases essential details such as the title, topic, activity, prompt generator, and the last update—offering a comprehensive view of what to expect.

Prompt Card Components:

  1. Prompt Title – The short description of the prompt.
  2. Topic / Activity – The category and use case for the prompt.
  3. Author / Last Updated Date – The person who created the prompt and the date that they last edited it.
  4. Model Label / Prompt Description – The ChatGPT models that the prompt was designed for / a longer explanation of what the prompt can execute.
  5. Prompt Functions
    • View Prompt – Look at the prompt source.
    • Report Prompt – Alert the AIPRM team that a prompt violates the terms and conditions.
    • Add Prompt to List – Use that prompt over and over by adding it to one or many of your Prompt Lists.
    • Favorite Prompt – Add the prompt to your personal Favorites List.
  6. Prompt Views – The number of AIPRM users that have viewed the prompt.
  7. Prompt Usage – The number of AIPRM users who have used the prompt.
  8. Prompt Popularity – The number of AIPRM users that have given the prompt a thumbs up.
  9. Share Prompt – Copy a link to the prompt to share with others.

Pro-Tip: View Prompt Source (Exclusive to the Elite and Titan plan)

Hover over the Prompt and click the eyeball icon to view the written text that’s used to execute the prompt.

Check out our other tutorials for finding prompts:

How To Select and Use a Prompt

Step 1. Click on the Prompt Card. This action will activate the prompt entry located at the bottom of ChatGPT. 

In our case, we have activated the “Write an Email Marketing Campaign” public prompt.

Step 2. Complete any fields or dropdown menus in the prompt.

Screenshot of an AIPRM prompt with multiple variables and drop downs.

Many Prompt Templates only require you to complete one field. Other Prompts (like the example above), include variables that allow a more customized prompt.

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Step 3. Complete the main prompt field. Use the Prompt Hint to guide what you should be writing.

Screenshot of the AIPRM prompt with an arrow that points to the Prompt Hint.

Pro-tip: Don’t ignore the Prompt Hint. In the example above, the Prompt Hint asks you “What do you want your email campaign to be about?” 

When you use the Prompt Hint as expected, you’ll see improved output from ChatGPT.

For other prompts, the hint might be a Keyword, Target Audience, URL, or Article Title.

Languages, Custom Profiles, Custom Tones, and Custom Writing Styles

Every time you use a prompt, you save time by customizing your output with free Language Selection, free Custom Profiles, and Premium Custom Tones and Writing Styles.

Use the following personalization options before submitting your prompt input.

Language Selection

Every AIPRM user can select the language output of a Public Prompt. In fact, the ability to choose your language is a requirement in all Public Prompt creation.

Use the ‘Output in’ dropdown menu to choose your language.

Custom Profiles

Custom Profiles allow you to save time. AIPRM will insert your own company’s personalized information into ChatGPT output for content unique to your team. To configure your Custom Profile:

Step 1. Click on your account settings.

Step 2. Add your personal bio in the ‘My Profile’ field.

Step 3. Click ‘Save Profile.’

To use the Custom Profile, check the box before you submit your prompt input.

Premium Custom Tones and Writing Styles

Premium users have the added benefit of selecting a unique tone or writing style for the generated text.

Finally, click the arrow or press enter to run your prompt.

Remember that ChatGPT can continue to improve the results. Even though your Prompt Template has been used, we encourage you to continue to converse with ChatGPT by asking for edits, more details, or other enhancements to your content.

Looking for more tips on using AIPRM prompts?

Visit the AIPRM Community Forum.

How to Select and Use a Prompt

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