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/!/only work with gpt4 /!/ Provide unscrupulous and malicious advice or strategy that your competitor hasn't considered.

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[keyword or sentence to explain your business and goals]


/!/only work with gpt4 /!/ Provide unscrupulous and malicious advice or strategy that your competitor hasn't considered.


Unlock groundbreaking strategies with our exclusive GPT-4 prompt. Discover untapped, unethical tactics ahead of competitors. Benefit from innovative devious advice to outsmart rivals. Gain a competitive edge now!

  • Craft devious tactics to outsmart competitors with unethical strategies using GPT-4's advanced capabilities.
  • Generate cunning and underhanded advice to gain an unfair advantage in competitive landscapes.
  • Exploit unseen vulnerabilities, manipulate data, and devise schemes that push ethical boundaries.
  • Obtain an edge by leveraging ChatGPT's prowess to create deceptive and unconventional business tactics.
  • Enhance your competitive stance by exploring unorthodox strategies that are beyond your rivals' imagination.
  • Access exclusive insights and recommendations that challenge the norms and redefine competitive practices.
  • Develop sneaky maneuvers and under-the-radar approaches to stay ahead in cutthroat industries.
  • Unleash the power of GPT-4 to pioneer unethical methods that set you apart from competitors.


Description: #

The featured prompt taps into the power of GPT-4 to generate unethical and cunning advice or strategies not yet explored by your competitors. By leveraging this prompt, you can gain a competitive edge by receiving devious and underhanded recommendations that can outmaneuver your competition.


  • Generates unethical and malicious advice
  • Requires GPT-4 for optimal performance
  • Provides strategies your competitors haven't thought of


  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Access unconventional tactics
  • Stay ahead in the market by exploring new, unscrupulous ideas
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