Custom Post Type (CPT) Generator for WordPress


Create code to register a Custom Post Type in WordPress called [CPTNAME]

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Create code to register a Custom Post Type in WordPress called [CPTNAME]


Create custom WordPress post types effortlessly with this generator. Instantly register your unique CPTs!

  • Quickly generate custom post types for WordPress websites with the CPT Generator prompt.
  • Create and register a unique post type in WordPress by specifying your desired [CPTNAME].
  • Simplify the process of adding custom content structures without the need for manual coding.
  • Enhance your website's functionality by effortlessly integrating new post types tailored to your needs.
  • Streamline your WordPress development workflow by automating the creation of custom post types.
  • Save time and effort by utilizing this tool to handle custom post type registrations efficiently.
  • Achieve a more organized and structured website by easily defining and implementing custom post types.
  • Empower your WordPress site with personalized content sections through the user-friendly CPT Generator prompt.


Description: #

The provided prompt is a powerful tool for WordPress users looking to effortlessly generate custom post types (CPTs) tailored to their specific needs. By simply inputting the desired name for the Custom Post Type within the brackets, users can instantly create the necessary code to register a new CPT in their WordPress website.


Features: #

  • Automatically generates code to register a Custom Post Type in WordPress
  • Customizable: Users can input their preferred Custom Post Type name
  • Streamlined process: Eliminates the need to manually code CPT registration
  • Saves time and effort: Quickly creates CPT code for efficient website customization

Benefits: #

  • Simplifies WordPress customization
  • Reduces manual coding errors
  • Speeds up website development process
  • Enables users to focus on content creation and website design
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