Generate keyword ideas with search volume


Generate keyword ideas and show CPC and search volume at the same time.

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Generate keyword ideas and show CPC and search volume at the same time.


Unleash powerful keyword ideas with search volume details instantly. Discover high-demand keywords; view CPC and search volume concurrently for strategic insights. Elevate your SEO game, pinpoint lucrative keywords with ease. Optimize content, boost visibility, and maximize ROI effortlessly. Streamline your keyword research process, harnessing valuable data for targeted campaigns. Enhance your digital marketing strategy, drive traffic, and dominate search engine rankings effortlessly. Try this game-changing tool now for a competitive edge in keyword optimization.

  • Extract keyword ideas with associated search volume data for better SEO strategy planning.
  • Obtain keyword suggestions along with CPC and search volume to optimize marketing efforts.
  • Enhance keyword research by revealing search volume metrics alongside cost-per-click information.
  • Access valuable keyword insights including search volume and CPC for targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Improve SEO and advertising performance by viewing keyword ideas with search volume and CPC.


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The prompt helps you generate keyword ideas along with their corresponding search volumes and cost-per-click (CPC) in a single output. By filling in the variables with your specific keywords, you can quickly access valuable data that aids in optimizing your content and advertising strategies.

  • Provides keyword ideas
  • Displays search volume for each keyword
  • Shows CPC for better ad campaign planning


  • Efficient keyword research
  • Informed content creation
  • Strategic advertising decisions
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