I explain, write the formula and even create examples using the formula so you can understand

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e.g.: potential energy


I explain, write the formula and even create examples using the formula so you can understand


The "STUDY ENGINE" prompt is your key to mastering formulas effortlessly. Gain clarity: understand, apply, and excel with formulas explained, written, and demonstrated through examples. Simplify complex concepts, boost comprehension, and achieve academic success effortlessly. Dive into the world of formulas with confidence and clarity. Explore the power of formulas to accelerate your learning journey. Transform your understanding with practical examples and step-by-step explanations. Unleash your potential and conquer formula-related challenges with ease. Experience the magic of learning made simple.

  • Simplify complex engineering concepts: Break down intricate ideas into understandable parts effortlessly.
  • Clearly explain formulas: Provide step-by-step explanations for various formulas in engineering disciplines.
  • Create practical examples: Illustrate real-world applications to deepen understanding of theoretical concepts.
  • Enhance comprehension: Foster a deeper grasp of engineering principles with clear, concise explanations.
  • Improve problem-solving skills: Practice applying formulas to solve engineering problems effectively.
  • Boost learning efficiency: Accelerate learning by providing clear explanations and practical examples.
  • Facilitate self-study: Enable self-paced learning through detailed explanations and illustrative examples.
  • Support better retention: Enhance memory recall by presenting formulas and examples in a clear manner.


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt helps you understand complex engineering concepts effortlessly. By simply providing the engineering topic you want to study, this prompt will explain the theory, present the relevant formula, and provide clear examples to enhance your comprehension.


  • Explains complex engineering concepts
  • Provides detailed formulas for better understanding
  • Offers practical examples to illustrate the application of the formula


  • Simplifies learning intricate engineering topics
  • Enhances understanding through clear explanations and examples
  • Saves time by providing concise and comprehensive information
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