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Christoph C. Cemper

Faster content with consistent branding.

A custom profile is a time-saving feature that quickly loads background data, facts, or even content constraints into a prompt. If you own a business or generate content for a social organization, setting up a custom profile is an easy way to load the same branding information without looking for the text or pasting it into a field each time you run a prompt. Bottom line? The custom profile helps you generate faster prompts with a consistent branding sensibility.

FYI The custom profile feature is available with every AIPRM plan, including the Free version. Users with a paid plan can create and save multiple custom profiles.
What is a Custom Profile?>

What is a Custom Profile? #

Opening the profile page>

Opening the profile page #

Follow these steps to create a new custom profile or update an existing one.

  1. Log in to ChatGPT.
  2. Go to the text input field and click the My Profile Info link. A new browser tab opens.
Screenshot of an arrow pointing to the AIPRM My Profile Info link
Entering profile text>

Entering profile text #

  1. Go to the My Profile Info heading.
  2. Click the Add My Profile Info button.
  3. Enter a profile title. (for internal use only)
  4. Go to the Text field and enter your profile information.
  5. Click Save.
Tip Ideally, your custom profile is informational and 1-2 paragraphs to start. Once you see how the prompts react to the profile, you can make adjustments as needed. The maximum length of text in the field is 2048 characters.
Screenshot of AIPRM custom profile template

Open the browser tab with ChatGPT and refresh the page. AIPRM displays a link to your profile at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to My Profile Info link in the prompt text input field
Using the custom profile>

Using the custom profile #

To enable the custom profile, check the box inside the text input field. That’s one of the nice features of this tool. You enable the custom profile when it makes sense for a given prompt. When you start a new chat, AIPRM auto-disables the custom profile.

  • In the example below, the AI did a nice job of blending custom profile content into a blog post about a new product.
Screenshot of an profile text inside a blog post
Creating multiple profiles>

Creating multiple profiles #

If your AIPRM plan permits, you can add multiple custom profiles. Follow the steps described above to create one or more additional profiles.

Screenshot of multiple custom profiles

While creating a prompt, click the profile button and select an option.

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to the AIPRM custom profile drop down menu

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