How to Filter Prompts by Topic, Activity, Popularity, and Model

The AIPRM library has over 4,700 prompts (and growing). Locating the best prompts to generate on-target content requires a good understanding of the AIPRM filters. In this article, you learn how to explore the library using topic, activity, popularity, and model filters.

Filtering by topic>

Filtering by topic #

  1. Open ChatGPT.
  2. Select the Public tab.
  3. Click the Topic field. The drop-down menu has 10+ topic options.
  4. Select an option. AIPRM displays a list of prompts related to the topic.
AIPRM select the Topic filter
Pro-Tip If you can’t find a prompt based on a topic, Select Unsure and then enter a keyword in the Search bar.
Filtering by activity>

Filtering by activity #

  1. Reset the Topic field to All.
  2. Click the Activity field.
  3. Select an option.

The drop-down menu has 30+ options.

Optionally, select a Topic and then click the Activity field. The drop-down displays a range of options more closely related to you what you want.

Filtering by popularity and freshness>

Filtering by popularity and freshness #

This filter shows prompts based on top usage, votes, views, and updates.

  1. Reset the Topic and Activity fields to All.
  2. Click the Sort by field an select a option.
AIPRM select the Sort by filter
Filtering by ChatGPT model>

Filtering by ChatGPT model #

ChatGPT was initially built on GPT-3. OpenAI introduced GPT-4 in March 2023.

The free version of ChatGPT now uses a hybrid: ChatGPT 3.5. When you subscribe to the premium version of ChatGPT (ChatGPT Plus), you get access to:

  • GPT-4 (more powerful, reliable, and creative than the free version, can handle text and image inputs and outputs)
  • GPT-4 (browsing with Bing)
  • GPT-4 code (understand and analyze data)
  • GPT-4 DallE3 (as the name might suggest, generate images and art)
  • GPT-4 plugins (access third party plugins that provide new functionality)
AIPRM select the Model filter
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If you have any questions or need further assistance, our tutorials guide you every step of the way. Reach out to the AIPRM Community Forum and we’ll help you get started.