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How to Edit a Prompt

Prompt Engineering requires a healthy amount of testing and editing. In one session, you may have a prompt that meets your expectations. But with different inputs, you might realize it’s not working as you need. 

Prompts that you’ve authored on your own can be edited whenever you’d like.

Here’s how you edit your own prompt:

Step 1. Go to the top of AIPRM on your browser and click the ‘Own’ tab to access all of the prompts you’ve created.

Screenshot of the Own tab in AIPRM

Step 2. To edit a prompt, hover over the prompts and click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the prompt card.

Step 3. Make edits to your prompt. You can update the template, title, teaser, or hint. You can change the topic, activity, model, and privacy. There’s also the option to update the Author and URL.

Step 4. Click ‘Save Prompt’

Prompt editing is useful for getting more specific information into your prompt and adding variables to help get your desired output.

Want more tips on building an effective prompt?

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How to Edit a Prompt

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