Writing a compendium


Create a compendium from chapters in a book

Prompt Hint

[Sections of a chapter you want a compendium chapter made from, write "chapter done" when you have inserted the sections]


Create a compendium from chapters in a book


Discover the ultimate compendium creator: effortlessly compile chapters into a comprehensive guide. Transforming research into insightful content, it streamlines your writing process. Craft a masterpiece with ease!

  • Generate a comprehensive compendium by extracting chapters from a book for easy reference.
  • Automatically compile a detailed compendium from various chapters, saving time and effort.
  • Create a structured compendium with relevant information gathered from different sections of a book.
  • Simplify the process of compiling a compendium by utilizing content from multiple chapters efficiently.
  • Quickly generate a comprehensive compendium by extracting key details from various chapters seamlessly.
  • Save time and streamline the process of creating a detailed compendium by automating the compilation.
  • Effortlessly collate information from different chapters to produce a well-organized and informative compendium.
  • Seamlessly weave together content from various chapters to form a cohesive and detailed compendium.


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt provided focuses on generating a compendium by compiling chapters from a book. By inputting the specific details such as the chapters or sections needed, users can swiftly generate a comprehensive compendium. This prompt streamlines the process of creating a compendium, saving time and effort for writers, researchers, and students alike.


Features: #

  • Compile a compendium from chapters in a book
  • Specify the chapters or sections required
  • Generate a comprehensive overview efficiently

Benefits: #

  • Saves time on manual compilation
  • Ensures accuracy and completeness
  • Useful for writers, researchers, and students to create detailed summaries
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