Get an answer from an expert.


Ask chatGPT a question. He responds as an expert.

Prompt Hint

[DOMAIN: Here you need to say the domain of the request (ex: developpement), WORK the work actualy do chatGPT for the request (ex: software developper), EXPERIENCE what experience chatGPT have for the request (ex: you make facebook application) , PROMPT what is your question (ex: to setup an Visual Studio project)]


Ask chatGPT a question. He responds as an expert.


Unlock expert answers instantly. ChatGPT provides insightful responses tailored to your questions. Experience expertise on demand. Clarify doubts effortlessly. Instant access to a wealth of knowledge. Explore new perspectives effortlessly. Elevate your understanding with expert insights. Embrace informed decisions now.

  • Extracts expert-like answers: ChatGPT emulates responses from knowledgeable individuals with depth and insight.
  • Provides in-depth explanations: Offers detailed and comprehensive responses akin to expert advice.
  • Simulates expert knowledge: Generates responses that mirror the expertise and knowledge of specialists.
  • Impersonates experts: Mimics the style and tone of seasoned professionals in various fields.
  • Offers authoritative insights: Delivers responses with a sense of authority and expertise.
  • Provides expert-like guidance: Offers advice and information comparable to that of experienced professionals.
  • Emulates expert responses: Generates answers that resemble those provided by specialists.
  • Mimics expert opinions: Delivers opinions and insights in a manner characteristic of expert individuals.


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt is designed to provide users with expert-like responses to their questions. By inputting a question into ChatGPT, users can receive knowledgeable and informative answers tailored to their queries. The prompt leverages advanced AI technology to generate responses that mimic expert advice, offering users a valuable source of information on a wide range of topics.


Features: #

  • Receive expert-like responses to your questions
  • Tailored answers based on the input query
  • Utilizes advanced AI technology for accurate and informative responses
  • Wide range of topics covered for diverse queries

Benefits: #

  • Gain valuable insights and information on various subjects
  • Access expert-like advice conveniently and quickly
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding through detailed responses
  • Reliable source of information for your queries

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