Get an answer without AI's hallucination


Get an answer without AI's hallucination (a confident response not justified by AI's training data)

Prompt Hint

Just write your question in the [PROMPT] to get a truthful answer or an "I don't know".


Get an answer without AI's hallucination (a confident response not justified by AI's training data)


Unleash the power of AI with a prompt that delivers clear, concise answers instantly! Benefit from accurate responses tailored to your needs. Save time and get reliable information effortlessly. Access valuable insights without delays. Streamline your research process and make informed decisions efficiently. Experience the convenience of AI-driven solutions at your fingertips. Enhance productivity and stay ahead with quick, trustworthy responses. Try the prompt on ChatGPT now for a seamless information-gathering experience!

  • The prompt generates a clear, concise response without any imaginative or unrealistic content.
  • It ensures the information provided is based on facts and eliminates speculative or false details.
  • The output is focused solely on providing accurate and relevant information to the user.
  • Users can trust the response to be factual, reliable, and free from any fictional elements.
  • It guarantees a response that is grounded in reality, ensuring credibility and accuracy.
  • The prompt filters out any creative or fanciful content, delivering only practical and realistic answers.
  • Users receive responses that are practical, reliable, and directly address the query posed.
  • The output is designed to be informative, trustworthy, and devoid of any exaggerated or misleading content.


Description: #

The prompt is designed to provide a direct and accurate response without any unnecessary embellishments or fictitious details. By inputting the necessary information, users can expect a clear and concise answer that is solely based on the data and facts available. This ensures that the output is focused, reliable, and free from any misleading or irrelevant content.


  • Provides straightforward and factual answers
  • Eliminates any hallucinations or imaginative responses
  • Offers information based solely on available data


  • Ensures accuracy and reliability in responses
  • Saves time by delivering direct and to-the-point information
  • Helps users get the answers they need without any distractions or unnecessary details
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