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Act like an author and write a book on the topic” [PROMPT] “

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Subject of the book


Act like an author and write a book on the topic” [PROMPT] “


Discover the power of automated book writing with this revolutionary prompt. Effortlessly create engaging content. Benefits: Save time; streamline writing process; generate comprehensive books quickly; boost productivity; minimize writer's block. Try it now!

  • Generate a full-length book on the topic provided, crafting compelling and engaging content.
  • Instantly create a comprehensive book manuscript tailored to the user's specified topic.
  • Save time and effort by automating the writing process for an entire book publication.
  • Receive a ready-to-publish book draft written in a style that reads like a human author.
  • Explore diverse ideas and perspectives within the book, enhancing its depth and quality.
  • Effortlessly generate a detailed book with well-structured chapters and coherent content flow.
  • Customize the book's content based on the user's preferences, ensuring a personalized manuscript.
  • Seamlessly transform your book idea into a complete narrative, capturing readers' attention effectively.


  • Time-saving automation of book writing process
  • Creation of engaging and personalized book content
  • Ready-to-publish manuscript crafted in a compelling writing style
  • Diverse exploration of ideas and perspectives within the book
  • Structured chapters and coherent content flow for an enhanced reading experience


Description: #

The "Complete Book" prompt on ChatGPT is your gateway to creating a comprehensive, engaging, and informative book on any topic of your choice. By filling in the bracketed placeholder with your desired topic, you are setting the stage for a literary adventure like no other.


  • Generates a full-length book on the specified topic
  • Provides in-depth research and detailed information
  • Ensures coherence and flow throughout the book
  • Offers a variety of writing styles and tones to suit your needs


  • Saves time and effort in writing a book from scratch
  • Enables you to explore diverse subjects and niches
  • Helps in creating professional and polished content
  • Ideal for authors, researchers, and content creators looking to expand their portfolio

Try this Prompt on ChatGPT and unlock the potential to bring your book ideas to life with ease and efficiency!

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