Meeting Minutes


Draft the minutes of the meeting for the [PROMPT] with the participants [Participant1],[Participant2] & [Participant3], date and time. write all output in [TARGETLANGUAGE]

Prompt Hint

[Action plan of the meeting]


Draft the minutes of the meeting for the [PROMPT] with the participants [Participant1],[Participant2] & [Participant3], date and time. write all output in [TARGETLANGUAGE]


If you're looking to streamline meeting documentation effortlessly, the [PROMPT] is your solution. Easily draft detailed meeting minutes for [Participant1], [Participant2], and [Participant3] in [TARGETLANGUAGE]. With this prompt, you can capture key points, decisions, and action items seamlessly. Save time, ensure accuracy, and boost productivity with structured meeting summaries. Try it now to revolutionize your meeting management process!

  • Efficiently draft meeting minutes for [PROMPT] with [Participant1], [Participant2], and [Participant3].
  • Capture key discussion points, decisions, and action items accurately in [TARGETLANGUAGE].
  • Save time by automating minute-taking, ensuring a comprehensive and organized meeting record.
  • Enhance collaboration among participants by providing them with detailed meeting summaries.
  • Facilitate easy sharing and distribution of meeting minutes in a professional and clear format.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency in recording meeting details and participants' contributions.
  • Seamlessly document meeting proceedings, enhancing productivity and accountability in the team.
  • Simplify the process of creating meeting minutes, enabling effective communication and follow-up actions.


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt generates meeting minutes for a specified meeting with designated participants, date, and time. By filling in the variables like [Participant1], [Participant2], and [Participant3], users can quickly draft detailed meeting minutes in the desired [TARGETLANGUAGE]. The output includes a structured record of the meeting proceedings, including discussions, decisions, and action items, tailored to the user's input.


  • Generate meeting minutes for a meeting with specified participants, date, and time
  • Customize the output language to [TARGETLANGUAGE]
  • Includes details such as participant names, discussions, decisions, and action items
  • Structured format for easy readability and reference


  • Saves time by automating the meeting minutes drafting process
  • Ensures accuracy in recording meeting details
  • Facilitates clear communication of meeting outcomes
  • Customizable output language for international or multilingual settings
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