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Explain your mistakes and return the correct text in a code block to be copy past

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My text is : [Your text here]


Explain your mistakes and return the correct text in a code block to be copy past


The AI-powered spell check prompt reviews text for errors, highlights mistakes, and suggests corrections. It ensures flawless writing, enhancing clarity and professionalism. By using this prompt, you can eliminate typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes efficiently. Improve the accuracy and credibility of your content effortlessly. Enhance readability and impact with error-free text. Elevate your writing standards seamlessly. Boost confidence in your work with polished, error-free documents. Try this prompt on ChatGPT for impeccable, mistake-free writing today.

  • The prompt checks spelling errors in your text and explains mistakes for correction.
  • It highlights errors and provides suggestions for correcting misspelled words and phrases.
  • Shows correct spelling for each error and clarifies why the correction is needed.
  • Offers a detailed explanation of the mistake and educates on proper spelling.
  • Helps users improve their spelling accuracy and learn from their errors.
  • Enables quick and convenient proofreading to enhance the quality of written content.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for easily identifying and rectifying spelling mistakes.
  • Enhances the overall clarity and professionalism of written work through accurate spelling correction.


Description: #

This powerful spell check prompt will thoroughly review your text for errors and provide detailed explanations for each mistake found. By simply entering your text, the prompt will swiftly analyze it, pinpoint any misspelled words, and offer accurate corrections along with clear explanations. The benefits of using this spell check prompt are immense: it ensures your text is error-free, enhances your writing credibility, and saves you time on manual proofreading. With its efficiency and accuracy, this prompt is a valuable tool for anyone striving for polished, professional writing.


  • Comprehensive spell check for your text
  • Detailed explanations for each mistake
  • Accurate corrections provided
  • Enhances writing credibility
  • Saves time on manual proofreading


  • Ensures error-free text
  • Boosts writing professionalism
  • Saves time and effort in proofreading
  • Provides accurate and reliable corrections
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