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Genrates a 10 link summary which are 0% Palgarism from given article link

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[Insert Link to article]


Genrates a 10 link summary which are 0% Palgarism from given article link


Introducing the Web Stories Content Generator: effortlessly create 10 unique, plagiarism-free story summaries. Elevate your content with originality and depth. Maximize engagement with diverse link summaries. Enhance your storytelling with authentic and captivating narratives. Boost your online presence and credibility. Drive traffic and captivate your audience with compelling story snippets. Try it today and unlock the power of engaging, original content creation. Elevate your storytelling game with just a click!

  • Automatically generates web stories content from an article link provided by the user
  • Summarizes the content into 10 clickable links, ensuring 0% plagiarism
  • Saves time by swiftly generating engaging web story summaries from existing articles
  • Enhances content creation efficiency by converting lengthy articles into concise, clickable stories
  • Generates unique and captivating summaries that align with the original article content
  • Ensures originality and authenticity in the summarized web stories
  • Facilitates the creation of visually appealing and user-friendly web story content
  • Provides a quick and reliable way to transform articles into interactive web story formats


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The Web Stories Content Generator from Article prompt on ChatGPT takes a specified article link and generates a unique 10-link summary that is completely free of plagiarism. By simply providing the article link, users can receive a concise and original summary composed of 10 distinct links. This tool is designed to help users efficiently condense lengthy articles into a brief and plagiarism-free format, making it ideal for content creators, researchers, students, and anyone looking to quickly extract key information from an article.


  • Generates a 10-link summary from a provided article link
  • Ensures 0% plagiarism in the generated content
  • Helps condense lengthy articles into a concise format
  • Saves time by providing a quick and original summary
  • Suitable for content creators, researchers, and students


  • Save time and effort in summarizing articles
  • Receive a plagiarism-free summary for content creation
  • Easily extract key information from lengthy articles
  • Ideal for improving research efficiency
  • Enhance productivity and streamline content creation
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