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The ChatGPT prompt is designed to provide a convincing and detailed description of a given topic.

  • Generates compelling and engaging content
  • Summarizes information accurately and concisely
  • Helps in creating persuasive copy for various purposes
  • Tailored to meet specific needs and requirements
  • Offers a well-structured output with clear benefits outlined
  • Provides a concise and engaging overview of a topic
  • Enhances content creation process by providing detailed summaries
  • Ideal for creating impactful and persuasive content for diverse audiences


Description: #

The prompt helps users generate a concise summary of a given text by providing a structured request for summarization. It guides users on how to input the text they want summarized and elicits the summary output in a clear and straightforward manner. By following the instructions and filling in the required information, users can efficiently obtain a condensed version of their text. This prompt streamlines the summarization process, making it easy for users to extract key information and main points from longer texts without unnecessary details or repetition.


  • Guides users on how to input text for summarization
  • Structured request for summarization
  • Clear and straightforward instructions for generating a summary


  • Efficient way to obtain concise summaries
  • Helps extract key information and main points
  • Streamlines the summarization process
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