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Create an awesome Linkedin post from an article or interview

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Insert your [Paste article contents]


Create an awesome Linkedin post from an article or interview


Are you struggling with creating engaging LinkedIn posts? Say no more! Our [Linkedin Post Ghostwriter] effortlessly transforms articles or interviews into captivating, professional posts. Elevate your online presence! Try this prompt on ChatGPT now.

  • Generate engaging LinkedIn posts: Transform articles or interviews into captivating content effortlessly.
  • Enhance online presence: Craft compelling posts to boost visibility and credibility on LinkedIn.
  • Save time: Quickly create professional posts without spending hours drafting content from scratch.
  • Drive engagement: Increase likes, comments, and shares with well-written, attention-grabbing LinkedIn posts.
  • Establish authority: Share valuable insights and showcase expertise through impactful LinkedIn content.
  • Elevate brand image: Present polished, well-crafted posts that reflect positively on your personal brand.
  • Streamline content creation: Simplify the process of generating high-quality LinkedIn posts efficiently.
  • Optimize content strategy: Utilize AI to convert diverse sources into strategic, tailored LinkedIn posts.


Description: #

The "Linkedin Post Ghostwriter" prompt takes an article or interview provided by the user and crafts a compelling and engaging LinkedIn post from it. By utilizing this prompt, users can transform lengthy content into concise, attention-grabbing posts suitable for sharing on the professional platform. The prompt streamlines the process of creating impactful LinkedIn content, saving time and effort while ensuring posts are engaging and well-crafted.

  • Automatically generates a captivating LinkedIn post from a given article or interview
  • Condenses lengthy content into a concise and professional post ready for sharing
  • Helps users maintain an active and engaging presence on LinkedIn
  • Streamlines the content creation process for busy professionals
  • Ensures posts are well-written and suited for the LinkedIn audience


  • Saves time by quickly converting articles or interviews into polished LinkedIn posts
  • Boosts engagement on LinkedIn with professionally written content
  • Enhances online presence and visibility by consistently sharing high-quality posts
  • Simplifies the task of crafting compelling LinkedIn content for professionals
  • Enables users to focus on other tasks while generating effective posts for networking and brand building
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