10 keywords from an article link


Gather 10 main keywords for an article

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[URL Link to the Article]


Gather 10 main keywords for an article


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The provided prompt asks users to extract 10 main keywords from an article link. By inputting relevant links, users can efficiently generate key terms for articles. This process enables quick identification of essential topics and themes within lengthy texts. Users can streamline content creation, SEO optimization, and research by promptly obtaining crucial keywords. By harnessing this feature, users can enhance their writing, improve search engine visibility, and boost overall content relevance. The prompt simplifies the keyword extraction process, allowing users to focus on creating high-quality, targeted content.


  • Extract 10 main keywords from an article link
  • Efficiently identify crucial topics and themes in lengthy texts
  • Streamline content creation and SEO optimization
  • Improve search engine visibility and content relevance
  • Enhance writing quality and research efficiency
  • Simplify keyword extraction process for users
  • Boost overall content quality and target audience engagement


  • Saves time on manual keyword research
  • Enhances SEO strategy and content optimization
  • Facilitates targeted content creation and audience engagement
  • Streamlines article writing process
  • Improves search engine ranking and visibility
  • Increases content relevance and reader interest
  • Enables quick identification of key themes and topics in articles


Description: #

The prompt requests users to input an article link and obtain 10 main keywords from the content. By entering the URL, users can extract crucial keywords that encapsulate the essence of the article. This feature enables users to quickly identify and comprehend the core themes and topics covered in the article, enhancing their overall understanding of the content.


  • Extracts 10 main keywords from an article link
  • Identifies crucial themes and topics
  • Enhances comprehension of the article content
  • Saves time in summarizing articles
  • Facilitates quick analysis of key information


  • Quickly grasp the main ideas of an article
  • Improve understanding of complex content
  • Enhance research efficiency
  • Identify relevant topics at a glance
  • Streamline the process of extracting key information
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