Grading based on Instructions & Rubric


grade student submissions

Prompt Hint

[list rubric and instructions given to the students]


"Get flawless grading of student submissions based on instructions and rubric. Achieve accuracy effortlessly."

  • Grading student submissions accurately
  • Following instructions and rubric guidelines
  • Streamlining the grading process
  • Ensuring fairness and consistency
  • Providing detailed feedback to students
  • Saving time and effort for educators
  • Enhancing evaluation efficiency
  • Improving overall grading quality

  • Efficiently grade student submissions based on instructions and rubric criteria for accurate evaluation.
  • Provide detailed feedback to students to help them understand their performance better.
  • Streamline the grading process to save time for educators and instructors.
  • Ensure consistency in grading by following the specified rubric guidelines.
  • Offer constructive criticism to guide students in their academic improvement.
  • Enable instructors to track student progress and identify areas needing improvement.
  • Facilitate fair and objective evaluation of student work to maintain academic integrity.
  • Enhance the learning experience by offering insightful feedback for student growth.


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt "Grading based on Instructions & Rubric . grade student submissions" is designed to assist educators and reviewers in evaluating student work efficiently and effectively. By inputting the student submissions and the grading criteria, ChatGPT can automatically assess and provide feedback on the work submitted.


  • Automatically grades student submissions based on provided instructions and rubric
  • Streamlines the grading process for educators and reviewers
  • Provides consistent and objective feedback to students
  • Saves time by eliminating manual grading tasks
  • Ensures adherence to grading criteria and standards


  • Increases efficiency in grading large volumes of student submissions
  • Reduces grading bias and ensures fairness in evaluation
  • Enables educators to focus more on providing personalized feedback to students
  • Saves time for both educators and students, optimizing the learning process
  • Enhances the overall grading experience for both educators and students

Try this prompt on ChatGPT to revolutionize your grading process and streamline the evaluation of student work effortlessly.

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