Create a KAHOOT from your text


Create a KAHOOT from your text .... Pls, like, so I can upload more prompts ...

Prompt Hint

Enter the text from which you want to create a KAHOOT. Copy the table into KAHOOT-template (https://kahoot.com/library/quiz-spreadsheet-template/), save and upload to KAHOOT


Create a KAHOOT from your text .... Pls, like, so I can upload more prompts ...


Create engaging Kahoot quizzes effortlessly from your text! Generate interactive learning experiences instantly. Boost participation and learning retention. Tailor quizzes to your content seamlessly. Engage your audience with fun and educational games. Simplify content transformation into exciting quizzes. Enhance education through dynamic, personalized quizzes. Elevate your teaching or training sessions with interactive Kahoots. Start creating captivating quizzes now!

The ChatGPT prompt generates engaging Kahoot quizzes from text, making content creation effortless.

  • Generates interactive Kahoot quizzes
  • Converts text into fun learning activities
  • Simplifies content creation process
  • Increases engagement with interactive quizzes
  • Saves time by automating quiz creation
  • Enhances learning through gamified quizzes
  • Helps create dynamic and engaging educational content
  • Facilitates easy uploading of diverse prompts for Kahoot quiz generation


Description: #

The provided chat prompt is designed to automatically generate a Kahoot quiz based on the text input by the user. By filling in the required text content, you can easily create a dynamic and engaging Kahoot quiz tailored to your specific text. Once you input your text, the prompt will do the rest, generating a fun and interactive Kahoot quiz that you can share and enjoy.


  • Automatically generates a Kahoot quiz based on your text input
  • Tailored quizzes for your specific content
  • Saves time and effort in creating engaging quizzes
  • Customizes questions and answers based on your text
  • Enhances learning and engagement with interactive quizzes


  • Quickly create customized Kahoot quizzes
  • Engage your audience with interactive content
  • Save time on quiz creation
  • Personalize quizzes to suit your text
  • Foster learning and fun through dynamic quizzes

Try this Prompt on ChatGPT to effortlessly create engaging Kahoot quizzes from your text content.

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