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Discover instant code functions by simply inputting any code snippet. Effortlessly retrieve required functions.

  • Extracts functions from any code snippet: quickly find specific functions without manual search.
  • Saves time: eliminates the need to manually scan through lines of code.
  • Increases efficiency: streamlines the process of locating and analyzing functions in code.
  • Enhances productivity: provides instant access to relevant functions within code snippets.
  • Simplifies coding: easily identify and understand the functions within a code block.
  • Improves accuracy: reduces errors by extracting and displaying functions accurately.
  • Streamlines development: speeds up the development process by identifying functions effortlessly.
  • Facilitates understanding: aids in comprehending code structure by highlighting key functions.


Description: #

If you're looking to quickly extract functions from any given code snippet, this prompt is your go-to solution. By simply inputting your code into the system, you can easily retrieve specific functions within the codebase. Here's a brief overview of what this prompt offers:


Features: #

  • Extracts functions from any code snippet
  • Provides a clear and organized display of functions within the code
  • Works with code written in various programming languages

Benefits: #

  • Saves time by swiftly identifying and isolating functions in code
  • Enhances code readability and understanding
  • Facilitates efficient code navigation and analysis

With this prompt, you can streamline your coding workflow, improve code comprehension, and expedite your programming tasks. Try it out on ChatGPT now for a seamless function extraction experience!

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