Better Outlines for a Blog 3.0


Generate an SEO friendly Outline For a blog of desired word count divided for each section

Prompt Hint

[word count ][topic] [ primary keywords] [Background Information][ target audience ]


Generate an SEO friendly Outline For a blog of desired word count divided for each section


Revolutionize your blog writing with ChatGPT 3.0: effortlessly craft SEO-friendly outlines tailored to your desired word count. Boost your content strategy with finely segmented sections for enhanced readability and engagement. Streamline your writing process, saving time and ensuring a structured, compelling blog. Maximize SEO potential and captivate your audience with well-organized, keyword-rich content. Elevate your blog to new heights with ChatGPT 3.0 today. Try this game-changing tool on ChatGPT now!

  • Craft SEO-friendly outlines effortlessly for your blog with specific word count targets per section.
  • Improve blog structure and readability with meticulously divided sections tailored to your content needs.
  • Generate accurate outlines that help you maintain focus and flow throughout your writing process.
  • Achieve better organization and coherence by outlining content according to desired word counts.
  • Enhance SEO performance by creating well-structured blog outlines that cater to search algorithms.
  • Streamline your writing process by setting word count goals for each section in advance.
  • Ensure your blog content is comprehensive and engaging with strategically planned outlines.
  • Boost productivity and efficiency by generating outlines that guide your writing toward success.


Description: #

The prompt aims to help you create better outlines for your blog by generating an SEO-friendly structure tailored to your desired word count. By filling in the variables, you can receive a detailed outline divided into sections that align with your content goals.

  • Automatically generates SEO-friendly blog outlines
  • Tailors the outline based on your desired word count
  • Divides the outline into sections for easy content organization
  • Helps improve blog structure and readability
  • Saves time in planning and structuring your blog content


  • Streamlines the content creation process
  • Ensures SEO optimization from the beginning
  • Facilitates a clear and organized writing process
  • Enhances the overall quality of your blog posts
  • Maximizes the impact of your content marketing efforts
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