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Classify a list of media in transactional page or informational page to find press, magazine or blog to publish your contents

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Classify a list of media in transactional page or informational page to find press, magazine or blog to publish your contents


Introducing a powerful tool that swiftly categorizes media outlets, pinpointing where to share content. Find the perfect platform to showcase your work: press, magazines, or blogs. Streamline your outreach efforts and connect with the right audience effortlessly. This innovative prompt swiftly identifies whether a site is transactional or informational, saving you time and effort. Maximize your content's reach and impact by leveraging this smart classification system. Elevate your content strategy and get noticed by the right publishers now!

  • Automatically categorize media as press, magazine, or blog for publishing content effectively.
  • Streamline content placement by identifying the type of media page for submission.
  • Simplify the process of selecting the right platform for content publication.
  • Enhance outreach by targeting suitable media platforms based on content classification.
  • Improve visibility and engagement by matching content with the appropriate media category.
  • Optimize content marketing efforts by determining the best channels for publishing content.
  • Increase chances of content acceptance by submitting to the most relevant media type.
  • Save time and effort in finding the right outlets to share your content effectively.


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The provided prompt is designed to help users categorize a list of media outlets based on whether they are transactional or informational pages. By specifying the nature of the page, users can identify the most suitable platform - such as press, magazine, or blog - to publish their content effectively.


  • Classifies media outlets into transactional or informational pages
  • Helps users determine the type of platform (press, magazine, or blog) to publish content on


  • Streamlines the process of selecting the right media outlet for content publication
  • Maximizes the chances of reaching the target audience effectively
  • Enhances the visibility and impact of the content by matching it with the most appropriate platform

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