Analisa e Resume Website em 1 Click


Paste the URL of a website and with just 1 click you will have a complete summary of the website in just one list

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[URL/WebSite] - Ex: https://www.example.com/


Paste the URL of a website and with just 1 click you will have a complete summary of the website in just one list


Experience effortless website analysis with just one click. Simply paste a website URL and receive a comprehensive summary instantly. Save time and get all the crucial website details in one concise list. Streamline your research process and gain valuable insights at your fingertips. Uncover key information efficiently and make informed decisions swiftly. Enhance your productivity and stay ahead with quick, reliable website evaluations. Try it now for a seamless, time-saving solution to website analysis.

  • Analyze any website instantly with one click: paste URL for a complete summary.
  • Get a quick overview of the website's content, structure, and key information.
  • Save time with a concise summary highlighting essential details in a single list.
  • No need for manual extraction or reading through entire web pages.
  • Instantly access vital data for research, competitive analysis, or information gathering.
  • Simplify website evaluation process with a comprehensive summary generated quickly.
  • Extract key points and insights efficiently with a single click for effortless analysis.
  • Enhance productivity and decision-making with a brief yet informative website summary.


Description: #

By using this innovative prompt, you can effortlessly analyze and summarize any website with just a single click. Simply paste the URL of the website you want to evaluate, hit enter, and in an instant, receive a comprehensive summary of the entire website presented neatly in one concise list.

  • Instantly analyze and summarize any website with just one click
  • Effortlessly obtain a complete summary of a website by pasting its URL
  • Receive a concise and comprehensive list outlining the key details of the website
  • Save time and effort by quickly generating a summary of any website you want to evaluate
  • Streamline your website analysis process with this efficient, one-click solution

Experience the convenience and efficiency of obtaining a detailed website summary at your fingertips. Try this prompt on ChatGPT now and revolutionize the way you analyze websites with just one click.

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