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Get Pre-Built ChatGPT Prompts to grow your business

Reduce hours wasted on marketing and operations work that could be spent on your customer’s projects. Instead use AIPRM’s collection of prompts for ChatGPT and get everything done in minutes.

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Become an army of one

Let AI 10x your home services business without breaking the bank.

Running your business is a grind. Managing projects, delivering quality customer service, and finding new leads, the list goes on.

What if there was a way to…

…harness AI to quickly knock out website copy, marketing materials, and customer emails?

Fortunately, there is! The latest AI statistics show more than half of businesses (53%) now use some form of AI to improve production processes, with nearly-two thirds (64%) claiming productivity has improved as a direct result.

With AIPRM, write your email reply with a 1-click prompt. They’re professional and rewritten in your own voice. Imagine the time saved.
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Ready to take back your time?

Explore the ways that AIPRM prompts can work for your business with this free Chrome Extension. Modern technology that’s easy to use. Get it before your competition.

Aiprm Omnibox

Create a new ChatGPT Prompt with a few clicks right from your browser bar, with the AIPRM Omnibox feature.

  • Use AIPRM from your browser bar.
  • Type in your prompt starter like an address.
  • Start a prompt like you open a website.
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Private Prompts for You and Your Team

Create your own prompts and organize them for continuous use. Make it easy to access and reuse, for yourself and your team.

  • Create your own custom prompts.
  • Store them in a list, only accessible to you.
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Aiprm Teams

Assign user licenses to Team Members and share access to your selected Prompts and Prompt Lists with a group of users. Prompt Management at an organizational level has never been easier. Maintain consistency in how your team uses generative Al for content.

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Prompt Lists for You and Your Team

Tired of the endless search for that perfect prompt? Struggling to recall the winning combination you used last time? Say goodbye to these frustrations with AIPRM’s premium plan.

  • Favorites: instantly bookmark and retrieve your go-to prompts
  • Private Lists: organize your prompts in list that show as tabs, just a click away.
  • Team Lists: shared prompt lists within your team, ensuring everyone is using the best prompts for collective success.
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Prompt Variables

Maximize Versatility with AIPRM’s Customizable Variables!

Transform your AI prompts from static to dynamic with AIPRM’s Variable feature – a feature designed to adapt to diverse situations and use cases with ease.

With Variables, you can add personalized text inputs or select from a range of predefined options.

The moment you input your values, AIPRM seamlessly integrates them into your prompt. So, when you send your AI request, it’s not just any prompt – it’s your prompt, perfectly attuned to your unique requirements.

  • Add multiple variables to your prompts
  • Preset values for variables for a drop-down
  • Reuse your prompts for multiple use cases and projects
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What our Clients say

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AIRPM helps to me to achieve a more focused approach and desired output when using chatGPT

"When you use chatGPT, it's like casting a wide fish net.. and you catch whatever falls under the net.. when you combine chatGPT and AIPRM, you are able to zoom in and choose what fish you want to catch, a more focused approach and drill down to the output you want to achieve. ”

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Anton Sheker
Country Manager at Renpho

AIPRM: A Game-Changer, Revolutionizing Industries with Unmatched Precision!.

"Embracing the transformative power of AIPRM, where algorithms navigate the complexities of decision-making, is like witnessing innovation unfold in real-time. In a world of endless possibilities, letting these digital minds shine is a testament to the potential for progress beyond human intuition.”

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Luca Bigatton
Co founder and Project Analyst at Kanemp Industrial Hemp Consulting SL

An essential tool for any task

"AIPRM has become an essential tool for any task you can imagine”

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Daniel Blasco
Graphic & Web Designer at Pixelatumente

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Agency power at your fingertips

More time to treat means more revenue. Maximize your workflow, you as well as your time.

Join the businesses that are using AIPRM and ChatGPT to accomplish all of the items on your to-do list that are sabotaging your hours. Your customers (and your family) will thank you.