Chrome Extensions That Will Break AIPRM

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Are you troubleshooting why AIPRM is not working as expected?
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Are you troubleshooting why AIPRM is not working as expected? Besides asking you to turn it off and turn it back on, other 3rd party extensions could be the culprit.

Let’s explore this concern that’s been addressed in our forum and on social media in the past. 

AIPRM strives to ensure you always receive a seamless, fully functional experience each and every time you go to use ChatGPT and our vast prompt library. Our goal is to provide solutions that improve your work output, not hinder it. 

When other ChatGPT-related Chrome extensions have been activated, it potentially creates a conflict with AIPRM’s user interface causing prompts to disappear or improperly function. It’s a known issue and one we want to help solve with you.

Google Chrome Extension Conflicts>

Google Chrome Extension Conflicts #

Recently, one of our AIPRM forum moderators Ammon Johns was kind enough to post a simplified explanation of conflicts which uncovers what happens behind the scenes between these plugins and extensions. 

To summarize, it’s essentially a case of ‘too many cooks in the kitchen.’ 

Conflicts occur when the extensions are all trying to modify the same code or resources, which can create an unstable environment. These conflicts are usually caused by poor extension coding that creates a compatibility issue. 

So far, here’s a list of Chrome extensions we’ve encountered disruptions with when using AIPRM. 

If you are using one of these, we recommend _uninstalling it. _

AIPRM doesn’t support or endorse the use of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM.

Incompatible Chrome Extensions>

Incompatible Chrome Extensions #

  • Superpower ChatGPT
  • WebChatGPT
  • AI Genie
  • ChatGPT for Search Engines
How do you know if AIPRM isn’t working properly?>

How do you know if AIPRM isn’t working properly? #

There are a few obvious and subtle ways to determine if AIPRM is working improperly. 

1. ChatGPT loads without AIPRM’s prompt library or tabs.

2. If you have selected a prompt from our website, it may load into the input field but the output is not accessible for review. 

3. The AIPRM watermark on your results is more pronounced and disruptive. The logo should be subtle within the background rather than distracting. 

One Extension to Rule Them All>

One Extension to Rule Them All #

Creating extensions that work together well is anything but simple, especially when it comes to those focused on working within the ChatGPT interface (which is constantly changing as OpenAI introduces its own set of updates). If there are too many commands crossing lines, it will ultimately crash one or both of the extensions.

To get the most out of AIPRM you need to make sure any other ChatGPT-related Chrome extensions are _uninstalled or disabled. _

Many features prompted by these other extensions are available in AIPRM’s extensive feature set. AIPRM is created by a team of professionals to ensure the highest quality and functionality. 

Have you experienced disruptions to your ChatGPT and AIPRM? Are you using extensions not mentioned above? Let us know in the forum so we can investigate and add them to the list!

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