Introducing AIPRM Teams: Share Your Prompts with Team Members

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At AIPRM, we are constantly working to enhance our platform and provide our users with innovative features to support their generative AI endeavors.

At AIPRM, we are constantly working to enhance our platform and provide our users with innovative features to support their generative AI endeavors. We are shipping product early and often and bringing features that our nearly 2 million user base has been asking us for.

We’re excited to announce AIPRM for Teams. AIPRM Teams is our prompt library sharing functionality that allows groups to operate using the same set of prompts. We believe this feature will be a huge leap forward for you and your friends and colleagues.

What You Can Do with AIPRM Teams>

What You Can Do with AIPRM Teams #

While you go and download the latest version of AIPRM, let’s quickly review what Teams unlocks for you. 

  • Create Teams – Break free from limitations and establish as many teams as you need, regardless of your AIPRM account type.

  • Invite People – Bring together your peers and collaborators effortlessly. Invite as many individuals as you want to join your teams, and they will have access to your Team Prompts, even with a free AIPRM account.

  • Create Team Lists – Streamline your collaboration process by creating Team Lists to share Team Prompts with your teammates.

  • Convert Private Prompts to Team Prompts – Transform your private prompts into Team Prompts and list them in one or more Team Lists, enabling your team members to work on them collectively.

  • Fork Public Prompts – Customize and modify existing Public Prompts, then share the modified versions as Team Prompts within your teams.

  • Convert Team Prompts to Private Prompts – As the owner, you have the flexibility to convert Team Prompts back to Private Prompts whenever you need to.

  • Remove Teams, Team Lists, and Team Users – Manage your collaboration effortlessly by removing any redundant teams, Team Lists, or Team Users as required.

  • Share Private Lists as Team Lists – Seamlessly share your Private Lists with your teams or convert existing Team Lists back to Private Lists when necessary.

We understand that some users may wish to create larger teams, and it’s possible that adding new users to such teams may become a paid feature in the future. As a workaround, some users may opt to create large teams early on, before any limitations are introduced.

Collaboration has never been easier or more accessible than with AIPRM Teams. Regardless of your AIPRM plan, you can now collaborate seamlessly with your peers, ensuring consistent output regardless of who is using the prompt. Setting up teams is a breeze – simply add or remove team members directly from your Account Settings.

Getting Started with Building Your Prompt Library in AIPRM>

Getting Started with Building Your Prompt Library in AIPRM #

Setting up your first set of Team prompts in AIPRM is easy. Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Login to your AIPRM account, go to Teams, and click Add a team.

  2. Name your team and give it a description.

  3. The dialog box will display the instructions to invite your team, but if you miss it, click Copy Team Link and distribute to the people want to join your team. Note: They do not need to be paid AIPRM users.

  4. Back in the AIPRM interface, add a prompt to a private list.

  5. You can either add it to an existing list or create a new list. In this example, we’ll assume you haven’t been using private lists and create one from scratch.

  6. Name your private list.

  7. Toggle the option to share the list with your team and select which team you’re sharing with.

  8. Now you’ll see your list with the teams icon on it. This indicates that the list is now shared with your team.

  9. When you go to the list you can now create new prompts within it or repeat steps 4 and 5 to add existing prompts to your team list.

Let Us Know What You Think of AIPRM Teams!>

Let Us Know What You Think of AIPRM Teams! #

Start harnessing the power of teamwork today with AIPRM Teams.

Create, collaborate, and unleash your collective creativity like never before. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features as we continue to enhance your experience on AIPRM.

Use the Cheat Code for AI today. Install AIPRM for free.

Only a few clicks until you also experience the AIPRM-moment in your AI usage!

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