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How to Install the AIPRM Chrome Extension

ChatGPT is a beast when it comes to increasing productivity and efficiency.

What if we told you it could get even faster with a little help?

In this article, you’ll learn how to add the AIPRM extension to your Google Chrome browser. The extension is layered on top of ChatGPT so you can use your library of AIPRM public and private prompts on the same browser.

Let’s walk through the process together.

Step 1. To begin the installation process, visit aiprm.com — the official website for AIPRM. 

Here you’ll find all of the resources and tools you need to launch and enhance your AIPRM experience.

Screenshot of the AIPRM homepage

Step 2. On the aiprm.com homepage, click on the “Install for Free” button. You can locate it in the header as well as a few other locations on the page. 

Clicking the ‘Install for Free’ button will open the AIPRM listing on the Chrome Extension Web Store in a new tab. 

Step 3. Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and follow the prompt to initiate the installation process.

Troubleshooting Pro-Tip: If you don’t see AIPRM on ChatGPT, don’t panic.

To access your Chrome extensions, click the vertical ellipse in the browser’s toolbar. 

Select ‘Extensions.’ Then select ‘Manage Extensions.’

In the Extensions menu, you’ll find a list of all your installed extensions.

Locate the AIPRM extension and check if the toggle is blue, indicating it’s activated.

If not, simply toggle it on to ensure the extension is properly installed and activated.

Start using AIPRM with ChatGPT.

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Enjoy the convenience and efficiency this extension brings to your content creation, ideation, and any other business needs you might want to attack. There are a ton at your disposal.

Check out our other tutorials and our blog for more ChatGPT and AIPRM tips.

Happy Prompting!

How to Install the AIPRM Chrome Extension

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